Nordcloud Talent Acceleration mission

The world is moving toward a future where complexity is no longer a deterrent, technology won’t slow you down, capacity is not the limit and scalability not an issue.

The challenge at the moment is the lack of cloud natives capable of creating the solutions that enable the future. People with the skills, knowledge and ability to apply the latest tech to the most recent challenges.

As the leading cloud solution provider in the Nordics we can’t wait for the world to catch up. We’ve decided to gather the most capable together and provide them with the opportunity to brush up their skills and join the movement toward a frictionless future.

Nordcloud Talent Acceleration


What is Nordcloud Talent Acceleration Program?

It’s a gateway into the world of Nordcloud that brings forward thinking people to a visionary community. We are looking for thinkers who can wrap their brains around the potential of cloud based architecture and contribute to the cause. With this program we will transform IT specialists into the next generation of cloud natives.

It’s a 6 weeks fast-track learning program where we recruit people and make a work contract and on-board them to our company even before the training program starts, so you’ll have everything set up once the ride starts! 

An organisation can also send employees for up-skilling or request a dedicated program. Please contact: training(at) if you are interested in this option.

During the program you will live, learn and develop with classroom trainings, hands-on labs, self-learning platforms and most importantly, workshops with our own Sr Cloud Architects with real world experience.

Nordcloud is a cloud native AWS Training Partner and a Silver level Microsoft Learning Partner.


What do we offer?

  • Permanent employment from day 1 (yes, even before the training!)
  • 6 weeks intensive training program, with certified AWS/Azure training by our own instructors.
  • Mentoring by industry top professionals!
  • Real customer work after graduation!



Rethink your future and reload your skills. Don’t hesitate,  join us now!

Come and build the frictionless future!

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