AI & Machine Learning Industrialisation.

Unleash the business potential of AI and ML while minimising costs. It’s the ideal outcome – and it comes from taking a cloud-native approach.
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AI agility the way it’s meant to be.

When you’re at small-scale AI adoption, everything can feel relatively smooth sailing. The choppy waters come when volumes move to new levels but delivery doesn’t.

Time to market gets slower, the system/deployment types don’t easily adjust to business needs and a host of data management challenges crop up.

We help you overcome those challenges and scale smoothly. 

We’re cloud-native data science and engineering experts who specialise in open-source DataOps and MLOps – helping you innovate faster while addressing issues associated with bias, data drift, model and data lineage, model decay and complex development environments. 

With our support to establish your AI Foundation, MLOps workflows and proven AI governance, your teams gain the ability to productise and monetise your ML models. As a result, they can curate the most effective data and ML processes at scale, fast.

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Why Nordcloud?

Faster innovation

Our AI Foundation accelerates the deployment of new data and ML products – while enabling data sharing across organisational silos.

Greater cost savings

Our cloud-native approach and multi-cloud expertise help you scale your ML deployments and benefit from economies of scale and skills.

Maximum agility

Building rock-solid, scalable cloud-native platforms is in our DNA. We enable you to run all your ML pipelines and data products in a proven and consistent way.

AI Foundation.

Your landing zone for AI value

We help you solve the skills bottleneck, reduce AI investment costs and increase industrialisation with a platform that scales, is supported, maintains compliance and (if you want) is managed.

MLOps Industrialisation.

A faster, smoother transition from prototype to production

We’re MLOps and DataOps experts who help you establish workflows and processes that enable more cost-effective and reliable delivery. And we help you get those up and running fast.

Nordcloud cloud services

Data Science Centre of Excellence.

Drive ongoing production efficiency and cost savings while ensuring governance, security and compliance

Embrace the power of open-source, cloud-native services and a multi-cloud approach so you can drive economies of scale across the AI/ML lifecycle.

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Risto Jäntti
Risto Jäntti
Global Data GtM Lead