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Data Migration & Modernisation.

Stop your legacy data estate leaking money – and turn it into a value generator
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Save money and make money from data.

It’s a common scenario – data sitting in old, on-premises warehouses generating costs and performing poorly or at end-of-life. You know there are opportunities to free it up, but you haven’t put your finger on exactly how. And you know that if people could tap that data faster, they’d inherently generate more value.

We help you bridge this gap.

Our cloud-native migration and modernisation experts fast-track your journey to a data estate that better supports services; delivers enhanced security, access and compliance; and saves significant money. 

Cloud Migration in a Box.

The perfect package deal to migrate 150-300 VMs with minimal upfront costs.
Say goodbye to financial risk and hello to cloud value!

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Cloud Migration in the box

Why Nordcloud?

More savings

Research shows that migrating and modernising to the cloud can reduce your annual hardware costs by 60%. We often help customers save an additional 50%.

Broad data expertise

From Netezza, DB2, Exadata, Teradata, Hadoop and Hortonworks to MS SQL, Cloudera, Greenplum and SAP Business Warehouse – we take your legacy infra cloud native.

Fast, flexible results

You need value from data now, not in months or years. We make it so you can start exploring your data in weeks, giving teams agility and value – fast.

Nordcloud cloud services

Data Migration.

Get rid of data-related overspend

A legacy, on-prem approach to data is a constant drain on resources – the money spent on unnecessary infra and the time/opportunities wasted because data can’t be accessed efficiently. We help you stop that drain with a cloud-native approach to data migration. This starts with a rapid assessment of your data estate, followed by a business case and migration roadmap to maximise savings across a range of costs (like storage, compute, resilience, redundancy, servicing and maintenance). 

And the best part: you get quick results. As one Head of Infrastructure & Cybersecurity said, “The result was a wonderful surprise! People didn’t think it would be executed in such a short timeframe…The business is saving a very significant amount of money.”

Nordcloud cloud services

Data Estate Modernisation.

Say goodbye to data-related growing pains – and hello to data value

Agile customer service. Smart new products and services. Evidence-based decision making. To deliver all these, people in the organisation need to be able to publish and consume the right data on demand. 

Our data estate modernisation approach has a laser focus on empowering you with those capabilities – while ensuring data security and compliance. We start with your immediate objectives and then follow a proven, iterative process that mitigates risks and delivers proof of value fast. 

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Risto Jäntti
Risto Jäntti
Global Data GtM Lead