AWS Cloud Operations.

Reduce spend, allocate costs accurately, identify unmanaged resources and eliminate annoying admin across your AWS and hybrid environments.

Complete Cloud Operations Management.

Are you seeing the expected cost savings with AWS? Is your infrastructure compliant? Are policies being adhered to?

Nordcloud’s cloud operations approach for AWS can help you easily answer these questions. Our suite of advisory services, cloud management tools and automation capabilities give you full control of your cloud estates and costs across AWS.

The Easy Way to Gain Transparency and Control

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider and Authorised Training Partner, our aim is to help you unlock your AWS platform’s potential for cost savings, scalability and innovation.

Manage Costs

We continually evaluate and configure the cloud resources behind your applications, infrastructure and workloads, ensuring a better ROI.

Automate processes

Take the pain out of cloud management by automating repetitive manual tasks like tagging, patches and back-ups.

Improve security

Get the patching, back-up and hardening capabilities you need to secure your infrastructure and ensure compliance.

Accelerate development

Build tools with transparency across clouds, so you’re always compliant with industry principles and data requirements.

Get Control of Your Cloud Operations.

On average, organisations are leaving 20% of value from the cloud on the table because they’re not on top of their cloud operations, usage and spend consumption. This means they’re not ensuring maximum return for every bit of time and money invested.

Financial cloud operations (FinOps) is a combination of people, processes and tools that help you take full advantage of AWS savings potential. It involves KPI-driven, tool-optimised, repeatable cost management that works across AWS and hybrid environments.

Cloud Foundations

Prepare the ground for your cloud migration by building solid cloud foundations. With a secure, scalable and consistent foundation, your cloud journey will be quicker and more straightforward.

Cloud FinOps

We’re a one-stop FinOps shop for your AWS needs. Want us to manage all your FinOps for you? Great. Want support to build in-house capabilities? Done. Need the right FinOps tech? We have it. And it’s all cloud-native.

Managed FinOps

With Managed FinOps, you get a true partner and trusted advisor – alongside proven frameworks, tooling and automation. So your savings roll in and you reduce financial risk for the organisation.

FinOps Advisory

FinOps is a cultural change, and that’s where our advisors come in. We empower people to embrace FinOps processes and give them incentives to continue using new ways of working long term.

IBM Multicloud Accelerator

From accurate cost allocation to identifying unmanaged resources and minimising overprovisioning – IBM Multicloud Accelerator is your FinOps enablement tool.

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