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We help you unleash the business potential of AI and turn your data into a value generator.
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From data migration and modernisation to OpenAI integration, we help you achieve more with data in the cloud.

It’s a good time to get serious about making money from data. If data is sitting in an old, on-premises warehouse, chances are it’s accruing costs and performing poorly, or is at end-of-life. 

The fact is that there are value generating opportunities if you give your data foundations the right capabilities. 

After all, opportunities like generative AI are exciting, but you need to set yourself up for success when leveraging AI/ML.

Not only do we show you what’s possible with IoT, AI/ML industrialisation and developing technologies like OpenAI, we also demonstrate what’s achievable with data using the public cloud – with less hype and more results.

Harness the potential of AI and data in the cloud.

Nordcloud’s core AI & data services:

Nordcloud cloud services

Data Migration & Modernisation

Stop your legacy data estate leaking money – and turn it into a value generator.

Our cloud-native migration and modernisation experts fast-track your journey to a data estate that better supports services; delivers enhanced security, access and compliance; and saves significant money.

Nordcloud cloud services

Data & AI Strategy

Understand your data’s actual value, set realistic targets and establish a roadmap to reach them.

We establish a roadmap for managing data assets and creating a modular, secure, scalable and intelligent data platform.


Generative AI

Put the roadmap, governance and infrastructure in place to use generative AI and large language models efficiently and securely.

Whether it’s giving employees secure, controlled access to ChatGPT or deploying more effective customer service chatbots – we help you stop dabbling and start getting serious value.

Nordcloud cloud services

AI & Machine Learning Industrialisation

Unleash the business potential of AI and ML while minimising costs.

With our support to establish your AI Foundation, MLOps workflows and proven AI governance, your teams gain the ability to productise and monetise your ML models. As a result, they can curate the most effective data and ML processes at scale, fast.


AI & Machine Learning at the Edge

Roll out AI and machine learning models to your edge devices so you can generate more value from IoT – fast and at scale.

Moving your cloud-trained AI and machine learning models to the edge – next to where data is collected – enables near instantaneous decision-making right where the action happens.


Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

Get actionable insights into your organisation’s data using high-quality, user-friendly dashboards.

Our proprietary approach to BI dashboard delivery ensures the best possible user experience – and delivers maximum value to the people seeking insight from data.


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Risto Jäntti
Risto Jäntti
Global Data GtM Lead