Cloud migrations on Google Cloud.

Be in Google Cloud in no time – safely, with confidence and predictability.

Safely migrate to Google Cloud without nasty surprises or headaches.

No two migration journeys are the same. But all pain-free ones follow the same patterns. We bring the knowledge and resources to make your Google Cloud journey predictably successful.

  • Follow your own perfect, unique and easy-to-follow plan from start to successful finish
  • Bridge every skills gap, either by upskilling your staff or bringing in our seasoned experts
  • Be a super-efficient migration machine that works on proven templates and frameworks

Here are some examples of how our cloud migration team supports enterprises. Contact us and let’s hear how we can take you to Google Cloud in style.

6 Rs migration workshops.

Find the perfect path forward for your migration. In a super-high-value workshop, we’ll use the 6 Rs migration framework to assess your applications and outline a clear, actionable, winning strategy, based on your specific needs.

Expert teams.

Have our team of seasoned Google Cloud engineers help you migrate your applications and infrastructure. And once you’re up and running, our top-rated Managed Services team (recognised by Gartner) is ready with ongoing support and optimisation.

Proven templates.

Don’t reinvent the wheel when migrating to Google Cloud. Save time and effort by using our proven deployment templates. You’ll get a head start and a solid, reliable architecture that gets your applications up and running quickly. 

Upskilling training courses.

Maintain full control of your migration in-house. Our hands-on, interactive training courses – we’re a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner – provide the knowledge and skills you need to confidently migrate your applications and infrastructure.

Cloud Cloud
I always say this to partners but they rarely do it. I say: “Tell me I’m wrong, because I want to know how we can improve." Everyone at Nordcloud and SAPBASIS did this.

Not only did their willingness to challenge and ask hard questions help us avoid major pitfalls, but it saved us money, too.
Sebastiaan Röben
IT Architect
The challenge for us is to always deliver a great experience for the millions of users who play Kahoot! at key times of the day.

We knew we couldn’t launch additional products or support millions of new users without moving key services to a fast and secure cloud-based platform.
Jostein Håvaldsrud
We now have a high-quality cloud environment that provides us with the resources needed to continue the next steps in our cloud journey, while still being able to support what’s already been delivered.
Head of Infrastructure
@ European Fashion Retailer

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