Migrating to Cloud with Google Cloud.

How can Nordcloud help you drive the maximum value from your Google Cloud Migration?

Migration to Google Cloud: How to choose the right migration path.

Begin your migration journey on the right path by choosing Nordcloud to define the most suitable environment based on your business needs. Your starting point can be an on-premises environment, a private hosting environment, or another public cloud environment.

Cloud Migration in a Box.

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Cloud Migration in the box

What considerations are there pre migration?


Where do you start in the process, and what applications  should I prioritise?


What application and services do I have, which should I migrate and what is the right approach?

Service levels

How will I ensure service and support to the business once my services are running in the cloud?

The Solution.

Nordcloud provides a consultant-led approach; working with you to understand your existing on-premises or co-location landscape to ensure a successful Google Cloud migration journey.

6R’s migration

6R’s migration workshop to understand your applications and consult on the best strategy.

Expert teams

Access to our “Migration Factory”, a team of highly-skilled engineers that help to do the heavy lifting and support with migration activities, then access to a Managed Service team that’s at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant.


Deployment templates allowing you to get up and running quickly with a proven architecture.

Why Nordcloud?


We have a proven track record in cloud migration projects. Since 2012 Nordcloud has successfully helped many organisations to migrate applications and supporting infrastructure to Google Cloud.

Proprietary tools & methodologies

We work alongside your teams, providing the expertise needed to develop skills, establish operating models and implement technologies. From strategy to training, from tooling to DevOps, you get the support needed to boost agility and maximise value.

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. We help teams evolve from legacy technologies and working practices. You get better, faster results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Get in Touch.

Let’s discuss how we can help with your cloud journey. Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges.

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