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Managed Cloud Database Service.

Unlock the power of data with optimised database management services
Unlock the power of data

Everything you need to run your databases in the cloud.

Save time and money by enriching your database performance

Build and scale your infrastructure with an optimised database, to keep up with the relentless, data-driven demands of today’s ‘always-on’ world.

Because the accuracy and integrity of data has never been of greater importance – yet the tightrope created by the need to balance accessibility and security has never been more precarious.

Only by monitoring and maintaining performance with fully managed database services, and developing watertight strategies for backup and recovery of data in case of system failure, can companies not only survive, but thrive.

Nordcloud cloud services

Fast, reliable performance.

Focus on what matters. We manage your cloud database, you prioritise your apps.

Put your focus on development, not maintenance. Our decades of expert knowledge in managing database systems for business critical applications ensure your database is always up and running.

Nordcloud cloud services


Maximise efficiency with our managed cloud database service.

The core health of your database system is essential to improving efficiency and optimising performance. Its maintenance comprises (but is by no means limited to) patching, backup, indexing, lifecycle management, and performance tuning.

Avoid slowing down your workflow and increasing operational costs by taking control of your database management. 

Nordcloud cloud services

Security and compliance.

Secure your data, stay compliant, breathe easy.

Your data must be secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations, regardless of the size of your business. 

Which is why our managed database services offer a huge range of comprehensive security measures to keep your data safe and secure, including encryption, authentication, and user access control.

How can Nordcloud help?

By providing 24/7 management and support

Our fully integrated tool allows all your database environments to be instantly monitored, managed and supported 24 hours a day, without exception.
Within that, it is both agile and flexible enough to set each environment to a different service level.

With proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting

Maintain ownership of your data and infrastructure by identifying events early with unified monitoring.
Integrated Change Management delivers control and consistency across your cloud compute, to both prevent sprawl and improve stability.

By providing a modular managed cloud service

The MCDB integrates seamlessly with all our managed services to provide a full-stack solution that scales with you as you grow.
This modular managed cloud service is optimised by our FinOps specialists at every stage, streamlining performance and minimising overheads.

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Managed Cloud Databases FAQ.

What is a managed cloud database?

A managed cloud database is a database solution hosted on a cloud infrastructure and handled by a managed database service provider. It simplifies database management, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security.

How can a managed database service provider benefit me?

A managed database service provider offers expertise in database management, ensuring optimal performance, data security, and 24/7 support, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while saving time and resources.

What are the key advantages of using a database management service?

A database management service provides automatic backups, updates, and maintenance, reducing downtime and enhancing data reliability. It also offers scalability to accommodate business growth.

Can I migrate my existing databases to a managed database service?

Yes, most managed database service providers offer migration services. They can help you seamlessly transition your existing databases to their platform while minimising disruption to your operations.

How does a cloud database differ from a traditional on-premises database?

A cloud database is hosted on remote servers, offering scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. In contrast, traditional on-premises databases require physical hardware and are generally less flexible.

What security measures should I expect from a managed database service?

Managed database services typically provide robust security features such as encryption, access controls, and regular security patches to safeguard your data from threats and breaches.

Are managed databases suitable for small businesses?

Yes, managed databases are suitable for businesses of all sizes. They offer cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to scale as your business grows, making them a viable choice for small enterprises.

What is the pricing structure for cloud database services?

Pricing for cloud database services varies based on factors like storage, compute resources, and data transfer. Providers offer various pricing models, including pay-as-you-go and subscription plans.

How can I ensure high availability with a managed database?

Managed database services often employ redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure high availability. They distribute data across multiple servers and data centers to minimize downtime.

What are the top considerations when choosing a managed database service provider?

When selecting a provider, consider factors like scalability, security, compliance, support, and cost. Evaluate your specific needs and align them with the capabilities of the chosen service.

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