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To compete as a digital player in today’s financial services and insurance industry (FSI), you need these 5 things in the vault: business continuity, regulatory compliance, cost optimisation, data modernisation and AI/ ML and cloud strategy. We help you achieve these with the public cloud.

Cloud is the number-one lever to driving business modernisation and managing increasing pressures on costs and margins in the financial services and insurance industry. 

FSI businesses have unique challenges. Organisational structures are complex, enterprise scalability is lacking – not to mention the increasing regulatory and compliance pressures that come with belonging to a critical infrastructure sector. 

We’re here to help you balance those technology, organisational change and compliance requirements, so you can unlock the full potential of cloud. We do this across 5 main areas: business continuity, compliance and regulation, cost optimisation, data modernisation and AI/ ML and cloud strategy.

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Cloud Cloud
The Nordcloud team ticked every box. Their expertise and agility in multi-cloud helped us move fast and deliver cost effectiveness in AWS and Azure. The deployment side was seamless. It’s this kind of added value that we find with Nordcloud.
Drazen Rozga
Product Owner - Cloud
Raiffeisen Bank International
Nordcloud was an essential partner in building RBI’s Data Lake platform and ultimately modernising our IT infrastructure. Without all their technical expertise and experience this journey would not have been possible.
Philipp Pfneisl
Delivery Lead
BDO Global IT
Nordcloud worked closely with our in-house engineers to migrate our application infrastructure to the cloud. Because of Nordcloud’s expertise, we were able to move these servers across in a controlled and timely manner.
Russ Phillips
Head of Technology & Security
Continuity in the cloud.
Leverage the cloud to achieve business continuity.

The future of continuity isn’t just digital – it’s in the cloud. Whether you look at GDPR regulations or new continuity regulations, the clock is ticking for the European FSI industry to get to the next level of cloud-enabled resilience.

FSI is an industry sensitive to infrastructure disruptions, so why are FSI companies missing out on the full potential of the cloud when it comes to operational resilience and business continuity?

 The cloud can help ensure the continuity of your critical operations and processes during disturbances – but that’s not all. Cloud-enabled business continuity means a plan is in place to protect your vital data and digital functions. That way, you’re keeping up with regulatory requirements, and empowering your business to be ready for the unexpected.

Regulatory Compliance.
Set up your cloud for compliance success so you can develop and scale securely.

Cloud adoption stagnating? You’re not alone. Lots of FSI organisations struggle to make the necessary technical and organisational changes to migrate to cloud, let alone get compliance in cloud right. Cloud modernisation and business transformation programmes stall, and application migration and development drags behind where it needs to be.

Chances are you need a better way to manage regulatory compliance in cloud. Secure and scalable FSI-ready cloud foundations enable a reusable approach to regulatory compliance, accelerating your application migration and development to set you up for compliance success.

Cost optimisation.
Reduce your costs and optimise your operations with a cloud-native approach.

Is cost reduction driving your modernisation strategy? How do you achieve a cost-effective move to cloud, and successfully leave behind the burden of legacy infrastructure? 

Cost optimisation demands you address a few major cost drivers – like ageing IT application estates that generate high technical debt, expensive hardware and data centre infrastructure and under-skilled staff with disparate cloud knowledge.

With the best cloud-native technology and FinOps tools, you can implement cost-saving measures that help you increase ROI. Cloud benefits like automation let you cost effectively modernise core legacy systems at scale, which optimises costs even when running highly available, consistent distributed systems. 

Data modernisation, AI and ML.
Modernise to stay competitive and meet evolving customer needs.

To stay competitive and meet evolving customer demands, FSI organisations need to modernise their data platforms and leverage the power of AI/ML to drive data-driven decision making and optimise operations.

This can mean modernising your data infrastructure by migrating legacy systems to the cloud and consolidating your data across multiple sources. Public cloud unlocks scalable computing power, storage and advanced analytics tools. You’re then able to process vast amounts of data in real-time, while meeting privacy regulations, keeping robust security measures and addressing vulnerabilities.

Once the data infrastructure is in place, banks can unlock the potential of AI and machine learning technologies to automate processes, detect fraudulent activities, personalise customer interactions and enable better decision-making. 

Cloud strategy.
Enable agility to deliver compliant, customer-centric outcomes.

Need to keep up with rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations? Lots of FSI businesses know this is down to increasing agility and accelerating innovation, but creating sustainable, modern business models and products often requires modernisation beyond the lighthouse and proof of concept state.

To migrate and modernise core systems and infrastructure requires some heavy lifting. But how can you align technology with your strategic, customer-centric business goals?

Development teams need the cloud foundations, best practices, automation and knowhow to develop and roll-out new services at scale. And, as with all aspects of the digital roadmap in financial services, compliance and security needs to underpin every step of the way, enabling innovation in a compliant and efficient way.

Why Nordcloud?

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get better, faster results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

More value for customers

We’re commercially focused, using proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximise the cost savings and value potential of the cloud. From technology to training, from design to DevOps, you get the support needed to delight customers.

Objective advice

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms, so you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.


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