SAP Automation.

Use cloud-native tooling to modernise, adapt and maintain your SAP environment quickly, securely and consistently.
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We’ve got the tools to help you build, install and run SAP, fast.

Take your SAP experience in cloud to another level using automation.

As cloud-natives, we continuously improve the design of our cloud solutions in a way that is customer-oriented. We build tooling and automation for customers the same way we build them for ourselves.

This means we focus on addressing the pain-points of our customers, helping shorten development and release cycles, and ensuring the security and stability of SAP environments at scale.

Best-in-class automation.

We provide a fundamentally different way to modernise, adapt and maintain mission-critical SAP systems. Combining Red Hat Ansible and SAP technologies we offer best in class SAP automation:

  •  Automated SAP System copy/refresh
  • SAP System Self Healing Capabilities
  • SAP Parameter Change
  • SAP Kernel Upgrade and Patching
  • Database backup/restore & Parameter Configuration (HANA, DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase)

Automation for Installing SAP Systems.

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Accelerating Configuration

  • Workload zone configuration (VMs, volumes subnets, firewalls), and workload preparation for SAP can be captured and made repeatable as IaC (Infrastructure as code).
  • SAP Basis is involved in defining and installation and configuration.
  • We analyse and resolve complex dependencies between versions of SAP components before configuration.
Nordcloud cloud services

Best in class installation Tooling

  • We combine our cloud-native expertise and tooling with leading CSP and cross-platform tools, such as one-click installation options and SAP system set up wizards.
  • We also adopt enterprises automation frameworks such as Red Hat Ansible to install and operate SAP systems at scale.

Automation for Running SAP Systems.

Cloud-native SAP automation

  • We provide automation tooling for spinning up, cloning, and scaling down SAP Sandbox and development systems on demand. This means you can achieve repeatability, and use version control for parameterisation tracking.
  • Automation for scheduling and executing SAP system start – stop, as well as for patching and minor SAP component changes.
  • Off-the-shelf CSP tools are available for certain functions, but for anything else, we can help.
Nordcloud cloud services

Reduce Manual Work.

When applying automation tooling to running SAP in cloud, it’s best to think of it as a way of reducing command line manual work through a series of wrapping layers: scripts, tools that call the scripts, tools that call tools that call scripts, tools that schedule tools that call tools that call scripts, and so on. It’s a complicated and time-consuming manual process that’s eliminated through our smart tooling.

Ready to move your SAP to the cloud?

Let’s discuss how we can help with your SAP cloud journey. Our SAP experts are standing by to help.

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Why choose Nordcloud to guide your journey?

Faster results

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. All our architects have more than 10 years experience and are SAP and cloud certified, and we have a proven track record helping teams evolve from legacy technologies and practices. You get better, faster, more sustainable results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Cloud-native tools

We only build tools that can work within the cloud native ecosystem and sit well within cloud native deployments. As our tools are cloud native and are embedded, they can autoscale to support your environment as it scales up and down.

We use and improve our tools

All of our tools are built into existing cloud journeys and are used as the foundation to run our business. We maintain the highest quality level through continuous improvement.

What else do you need help with?

End-to-end services to help your SAP to public cloud journey.


Combining our cloud knowledge with SAP experience to assess your landscape and map your move to public cloud.




With over 15 years of experience in SAP projects, our SAP migration team can deliver the most complex migration projects.



Our managed SAP team provides SAP Basis implementation and ongoing technical support. We run the systems, so you can focus on other value-adders in your business.




Enhance SAP functionality with cloud-native applications and implement new processes and services fast.




Minimise risk, simplify compliance and automate routine security tasks in SAP environments with our tools and methodologies.


Ready to move your SAP to the cloud?

Let’s discuss how we can help with your SAP cloud journey.
Our SAP experts are standing by to help.

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SAP Lead