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Ensure your apps continually adapt – providing maximum value in an ever-changing environment.
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The easy way to manage and scale your cloud applications

The first law of software evolution is that systems must continually adapt – or they become progressively less valuable.

Nordcloud application management services go beyond the traditional operational focus, enabling continuous improvement and ongoing value. You benefit from comprehensive support covering fixes, new features through to disaster recovery and incident recovery. And with our on-call service, you get responses within a day when it comes to incidents and service requests.

We review your application from an operability and best practice perspective, and improve its quality during onboarding. We also proactively identify development opportunities, so it’s easy to build and scale the service as your market and environment change.

“Systems must be continuously adapted, or else they become progressively less satisfactory to use”

The First Law of Software Evolution

– Manny Lehman, Professor of Computing Science
Harlan D. Mills Award Winner & ACM Fellow

Your Applications are in Expert Hands.

If needed, we can start working on improvements the next business day, freeing you from batching requirements and managing overheads associated with project set-up.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant recognises Nordcloud as a leader in the field. We’re a partner of choice thanks to our cloud-native approach and multi-cloud expertise, which help you deliver more value to customers. As one client said: “The Nordcloud team has shown remarkable capability to rapidly respond to changing business needs and deliver new features.”

Why Nordcloud?

Proactive improvement

We make it easy to adapt to changing technical, business and regulatory changes, so your apps continually deliver maximum value.

Cloud-native approach

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get a more effective service because cloud natives are working for you proactively.

Flexible service

Your system is fully managed – from app code to environment. You have developers on demand, and can easily scale based on your needs.

Nordcloud cloud services

Comprehensive Support.

Optimise performance to maximise value

Our application management service covers all the custom cloud-native systems – and everything from fixes and new features to monitoring, incident management, vulnerability scanning and disaster recovery. And you get all this with fast response times. We also manage your data platforms, integrations, web applications and IoT-enabled systems and help drive incremental development, so you’re continuously delivering more value. And if there are any issues, you get fast response times.

Nordcloud cloud services

Flexible Service.

Managed services that keep you agile

Our entire service is framed around delivering timely changes so you’re always on the front foot. From integrations and third-part components to platform, regulation and process changes, we help you adapt proactively. That way, your app evolves in a way that maximises ongoing value to the business. Importantly, there are no strings attached and no need for FTE commitments – you get cloud-native support, and only pay for the development support you actually need.

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Johanna Kaihlavirta
Johanna Kaihlavirta
Head of Application Management