Nordcloud ESG Policy Statement.

At Nordcloud, we’re committed to conducting our business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner. We recognise that our actions have a significant impact on our environment, society and economy.

Environmental responsibility

Our goal is to continuously strive for more efficient and sustainable usage of natural resources and energy in all our operations. We believe that:

  • Businesses have a critical role to play in addressing the challenges of climate change, therefore we’re committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our industry
  • The cloud can be a powerful tool for the reduction and sustainability of an organisation’s energy consumption, so we’re committed to leading the way by promoting sustainable cloud solutions
  • The way we operate our business impacts all our stakeholders, including clients, business partners and suppliers. Therefore we’re committed to supporting collaborative and collective efforts that promote innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Environmental leadership and advocacy starts with our own behaviour. We’re committed to promoting sustainable environmental practices for all employees, both in the office and those working remotely

Social responsibility

Our employees are our greatest asset; we’re dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive and supportive work environment that promotes social responsibility and respect for labour laws. We believe that:

  • Ensuring the rights and well-being of our employees is an integral part of all our company operations. We’re committed to treating our employees with dignity, respect, fairness and equitability, and we support collective bargaining and forming of labour unions
  • Creating an environment that values diversity is essential to our success as a company. We’re dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other basis. We’re committed to recruiting, promoting and retaining a diverse workforce and providing ongoing education and training to promote a culture of inclusivity


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics, and believe that good governance is essential to our long-term success as a company.

  • We’re committed to transparency, integrity and responsible decision-making at all levels of our organisation
  • We recognise the critical importance of corporate governance in promoting responsible and ethical business practices
  • We’re dedicated to promoting good business practices such as implementing security and risk management, and ensuring business continuity in crisis situations. See our Quality Policy Statement for more information.
  • We inform and train all our employees regularly about the essential elements of business ethics and and good corporate governance

We adhere to the IBM Business Code of Conduct Guidelines as part of our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices, and to legal and regulatory compliance.