Microsoft on AWS.

From migrating and modernizing legacy applications to developing new applications, Nordcloud years of experience in both Microsoft and AWS can support your business when moving Microsoft based workloads to AWS.
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What is the offer?

AWS offers the ideal platform to run your Microsoft-based applications, whether it concerns commercial off-the-shelf or custom built applications. Our team of AWS certified experts that have years of experience in developing, migrating, automating and operating Microsoft workloads on AWS, including products such as Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, and Active Directory.

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What are the key benefits?

Microsoft SQL on AWS

Nordcloud can assist in migrating Microsoft SQL Server deployments to AWS using our industrialized Database Migration Factory approach. Once migrated, Nordcloud can fully manage your Microsoft SQL Server estate, whether it’s based on IaaS (as virtual machines in Amazon EC2) or PaaS (by leveraging Amazon RDS). Our managed database service is there to safeguard your most critical business asset, your data.

Porting Assistant for .NET

Nordcloud can help you port your legacy .NET Framework applications to .NET Core to open up potential cost savings and reduce the total cost of ownership of running Microsoft workloads on AWS. When porting to .NET Core, the Porting Assistant for .NET helps to identify package dependencies, and offer replacement recommendations by assessing the application source code.

AWS App2Container

By converting your existing .NET applications into containerized applications using AWS App2Container combined with Nordcloud’s Kubernetes Foundation, Nordcloud can accelerate your application modernization journey.

Amazon Appstream 2.0 / Amazon Workspaces

Remote working is the new normal. Nordcloud can help you deliver secure, fast, and reliable remote desktops and applications to your end users based on Amazon Appstream 2.0 and/or Amazon Workspaces.

Nordcloud cloud services

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Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a high performance, elastic, Windows-native file system for Windows applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nordcloud is one of a select number of launch partners fully equipped and ready to deliver solutions leveraging Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.

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