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Unify your cloud platforms and embrace effortless efficiency
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Tired of dealing with siloed automations and managing complexities across various platforms? We have the solution to simplifying your cloud experience and unifying your automations. 

Our PES automation platform seamlessly unifies your workloads to reduce complexity, better manage costs and technical debt, and supercharge your time to market. From IaaS to PaaS to FinOps automation, our user-friendly platform empowers you to innovate faster, minimise human error risks, save valuable time and money, and enjoy the peace of mind that your platforms are secure.

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Ready to unlock the full potential of your cloud platforms with effortless efficiency? .

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Unify and simplify your workloads.

Reduce complexity and better manage cloud costs

Easily unify and streamline your automation processes across multiple cloud platforms. The automation platform allows you to simplify control and management of your workloads, eliminating silos and improving overall efficiency.

Nordcloud cloud services

Accelerate digital transformation.

Power new capabilities with a faster time to market

Enable faster innovation and time to market for your digital transformation initiatives. Seamlessly automate tasks from IaaS to PaaS to FinOps, and onboard diverse automation requirements quickly to get up and running.

Enhance efficiency and security.

Ensure security and reduce human error

Eliminate the risks of human error and increase productivity, while saving your teams time and money by automating manual tasks. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your platforms are secure and compliant.

Why Nordcloud?

High-velocity innovation

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage, so you have cloud natives guiding your entire journey. The result: increased developer velocity and faster digital transformation – which means accelerated competitive advantage.

Strategic view

We don’t just execute – our cloud experts understand the full end-to-end picture, balancing quick wins with long-terms goals. We’ll map a tailored solution that drives real value for your business and realise the full potential of cloud.

Global cloud leadership

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms and a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. You therefore get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack and strategic ambitions.

5 Top Challenges with Managing Cloud Platforms.

And how automations can help.

Running automations across multiple cloud platforms can feel overwhelming and disjointed. The complexity of managing tasks, controlling costs and addressing technical debt holds teams back from driving digital transformation.


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Indrayudh Ghosh
Indrayudh heads up our platform engineering services, and is passionate about helping customers drive efficiency in cloud.
Indrayudh Ghosh
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