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When you lift and shift applications to the cloud, you migrate legacy issues in webs of code and data that weren’t worth untangling at the time. If you don’t modernise, your value from cloud will plateau.

Managed Application Modernisation is a financially savvy and strategic way to untangle those webs, reduce risks, drive down costs – and supercharge value from the cloud.

Why choose Managed Application Modernisation.

Rocket fuel for cloud value

Managed Application Modernisation is a unique approach in which our modernisation and managed services experts work side by side, making clever improvements that cut licence and capacity costs, reduce technical and security risks, and expand functionality. We help manage applications from day 1, so you quickly reap the cost and business benefits of modernisation.

The value you get with Managed Application Modernisation.

Zero up-front modernisation costs

A major barrier to modernisation is that it’s perceived as expensive. Managed Application Modernisation eliminates these budgetary hurdles because there are zero up-front costs. Instead, it’s spread as monthly opex over your managed services commitment. You therefore drive value without hitting cash reserves.

Why Managed Application Modernisation.

Zero financial risk

You only pay for modernisation as you get the benefits. Costs are amortised and added to your monthly managed services commitment.

Greater TCO savings

To give you an idea, one Nordcloud customer saved €1 million in licences alone from replatforming and getting rid of the app tail from old projects.

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Supercharged business value

You can more easily leverage native services and release features because we manage your applications as they’re modernised.

Application Modernisation FAQ.

What is managed application modernisation?

Managed application modernisation refers to the process of updating and enhancing existing applications to leverage the latest technologies, frameworks, and architectures while preserving their core functionalities. This service ensures efficient and seamless modernisation, reducing downtime and risks associated with in-house migrations. Expert teams handle the entire process, from assessment to implementation, enabling businesses to focus on their core activities.

Why is application modernisation essential for businesses?

Application modernisation is crucial as it allows businesses to enhance their software’s performance, security, and scalability. Outdated applications may hinder productivity and expose vulnerabilities. By opting for modernisation services, companies can ensure their applications stay competitive, meet evolving user demands, and adapt to changing market conditions. This transformation optimises workflows and fosters innovation, driving overall business growth.

How can managed app modernisation boost my ROI?

Managed app modernisation can significantly improve your ROI by optimising application performance, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing user experiences. Modernised applications can also integrate with new technologies and cloud platforms, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. Additionally, these improvements attract new customers and retain existing ones, ultimately leading to increased revenue and a stronger competitive advantage.

What are the common challenges in application modernisation?

Application modernisation often faces challenges such as legacy system complexities, data migration, compatibility issues, and ensuring uninterrupted services during the transition. Moreover, handling security concerns and managing skilled resources can be demanding. Managed application modernisation services address these challenges with carefully planned strategies, mitigating risks, and ensuring a smooth transformation, enabling businesses to overcome obstacles efficiently.

Are there specific industries that benefit from app modernisation?

Yes, various industries benefit from app modernisation, including finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. In the finance sector, modernised applications improve transaction processing and security. Healthcare can enhance patient care and data management. Retail industries can offer a seamless shopping experience across platforms, while manufacturing benefits from efficient supply chain management. Managed application modernisation services tailor solutions to suit each industry’s unique requirements, maximizing the benefits.

How long does managed application modernisation typically take?

The timeline for managed application modernisation depends on factors like application complexity, data migration scope, and the desired modernisation level. Usually, it ranges from a few weeks to several months. Swift and efficient modernisation requires experienced teams and a comprehensive understanding of the existing application infrastructure. Through meticulous planning and execution, managed services ensure the shortest possible downtime and expedite the transition process.

What sets managed app modernisation apart from self-migration?

Managed app modernisation offers distinct advantages over self-migration. Professional expertise and industry best practices minimise risks and errors during modernisation. Managed services provide dedicated support and maintenance, ensuring smooth post-migration operations. Self-migration might lack comprehensive analysis, leading to suboptimal outcomes. By choosing managed application modernisation, businesses can focus on their core competencies, while experts handle the complexities and deliver superior results.

How do application modernisation services enhance security?

Application modernisation services enhance security by implementing robust security frameworks, regular updates, and addressing vulnerabilities in legacy systems. They integrate advanced security measures like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls. Furthermore, managed services conduct rigorous security audits and monitoring to promptly identify and mitigate potential threats. Upgrading security protocols ensures that the modernised applications can withstand the evolving threat landscape, safeguarding critical data and business operations.

Can managed app modernisation services adapt to future technologies?

Absolutely! Managed modernisation services are designed to be future-proof. They not only upgrade applications to the latest technologies but also architect them to accommodate future advancements seamlessly. This adaptability ensures that your applications can continue to evolve and integrate emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, and blockchain, keeping your business at the forefront of innovation in a fast-paced technological landscape.

How do I choose the right provider for application modernisation?

Selecting the right provider is crucial. Look for a provider with a proven track record, relevant expertise, and experience in modernising applications within your industry. Check for client testimonials, case studies, and request a detailed proposal. Consider factors like scalability, post-migration support, and security measures offered. A provider who understands your unique business needs and offers a customised approach to modernisation is more likely to deliver successful outcomes.

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