AWS Security Services.

Secure your cloud journey end-to-end, and then keep it optimised.

Secure your AWS environment against threats

Cloud security in AWS is paramount for safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance. 

With Nordcloud, you get the expertise of an experienced AWS partner. We have a deep understanding of the broad security landscape, covering essential aspects like infrastructure protection, identity and access management, and regular compliance. 

This knowledge is crucial for safeguarding your cloud environment against potential threats.

3 steps to securing your environment.


The “Prepare” phase of a cloud security journey involves assessing current security posture, defining compliance requirements, and establishing security policies. It includes risk assessment, staff training, and creating a robust security framework.

What’s involved?

  • Understanding your unique requirements and current security posture
  • Identifying your key stakeholders and defining security requirements
  • Assessing compliance requirements and potential risks

What’s the outcome?

  • Security assessment report
  • Stakeholder buy-in and engagement plan
  • Risk assessment

In the “Design” phase of a cloud security journey, the architectural framework is planned. This involves defining security controls, access policies, encryption strategies, and network configurations to align with compliance and risk management objectives.

What’s involved?

  • Designing a robust security architecture
  • Selecting appropriate security tools and controls
  • Developing a migration plan ensuring security at each step

What’s the outcome?

  • Security architecture design and frameworks
  • Security control and tool onboarding plan
  • Securing migration plan
Build, Migrate

The “Build/Migrate” phase of a cloud security journey involves the actual deployment of security controls and processes as well as services and tools related to secure cloud operations.

What’s involved?

  • Implement the security controls
  • Validate the security controls and other measures
  • Transfer the knowledge to relevant stakeholders

What’s the outcome?

  • Operational and secured infrastructure
  • Validated security measures with Operational Handover
  • Compliance and security in the build

Our AWS security services.

Nordcloud cloud services

Cloud Foundation Security Assessment.

Get industry standard security validation

Our cloud foundation security assessmet is a comprehensive service that evaluates the security posture of an organisation’s AWS cloud infrastructure. It includes analysis of identity and access management, data encryption, network configurations, and compliance adherence. 

By identifying vulnerabilities and recommending enhancements, it helps clients establish a secure foundation for their cloud environment, ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance.

Cloud Security Discovery Assessment.

Cloud security governance, compliance, administrative discovery and design

Our cloud security discovery assessment is a service that evaluates an organisation’s cloud security governance and compliance mechanisms. It identifies potential vulnerabilities in access control, administrative policies, and adherence to regulatory standards. 

By providing insights and recommendations, it helps clients strengthen their cloud security governance, enhance compliance, and bolster administrative practices for a more secure cloud environment.

Nordcloud cloud services

Cloud Security as a Service.

Get continuous Holistic Cloud Security Support

The “Cloud Security as a Service” product provides businesses with access to qualified cloud security professionals. Our experts offer specialised guidance in areas such as access control, data encryption, compliance, threat mitigation and security automation.

 It allows organisations to leverage the expertise of a dedicated security professional as needed to bolster their cloud security posture and address specific concerns.

Why Nordcloud?

Why Nordcloud for security on AWS?

Robust protection

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You benefit from more robust protection together with greater agility because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Simplified compliance

From planning and architecture to development, deployment, operation and management – we ensure strong governance, robust disaster recovery and maximum availability.

AWS leaders

We’re an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider and Authorised Training Partner. We’re positioned to help organisations define and realise their public cloud ambitions with AWS.

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