Transform outdated systems to deliver connected and collaborative cloud solutions for patients and clinicians.

Hospitals: It’s time to start your cloud journey.

Public cloud provides hospitals with a connected, accessible, and collaborative environment for patients and clinicians. It’s the key to achieving lower costs and more satisfaction among patients and medical staff.

But a lack of cloud knowledge, time pressures, and the volumes of data involved hold many organisations back from getting started.

We’re here to solve these challenges, help you get started, and realise the opportunities of cloud for hospitals.



Optimise resources.

Increase operational efficiencies and save costs.

Public cloud can improve resource management and deployment for hospitals, offering organisations the potential for cost savings, greater efficiency and logistical advantages in remote work and virtual care delivery.


Enable digital capabilities.

Power new services for patients and clinicians.

Cloud can be the key to unlocking heightened digital experiences throughout the patient journey, and empower healthcare professionals with the information, equipment and services they need.


Ensure security, governance & compliance.

Adopt tools and processes to protect healthcare systems.

Rather than standalone or siloed security or compliance efforts, a cohesive approach with cloud solutions allows hospitals to mitigate risk and govern their data effectively and efficiently.

Helping hospitals move to the cloud.

Cloud is a powerful enabler in driving efficiencies across the different building blocks of a healthcare organisation, as seen in the graphic below. And, it can also connect these data sets and improve collaboration.

Helping hospitals move to the cloud
Patient Experience

Patients now expect to be autonomous in some of their interactions with hospitals. They want to have swift processes for bureaucratic tasks, and more time with the clinicians to address their needs.

Leveraging relevant cloud services, patients can transition better from the hospital to their homes, while a link is retained between the hospital and the patient through active monitoring, with IoT devices. Combined with virtual care, patients keep a human relationship with professionals, while lowering dependency on hospital beds.

Medical Specialties

Depending on the services hospitals need or aim to provide, specialised physicians need to be hired, and are usually accompanied by specialised equipment and software. For these physicians, integration with IT systems – particularly a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) – is vital so they have accurate, up-to-date information.

Cloud solutions can alleviate the need to build custom integrations for these specific software services, saving time and resource while improving staff and patient experience.


Ensuring revenues are flowing to the hospital, through billing and collection requires swift and secure processes and transactions.

Coding and billing of medical activity can be automated through cloud services leveraging AI models.


Healthcare personnel want to prioritise having more time for patients, instead of being burdened by repeated bureaucratic procedures. To enable this requires a redesign of procedures and systems to involve minimal intervention of personnel.

Cloud-native services allow IT teams to more easily automate tasks and create applications that will free up more workforce time.

Enterprise IT

IT teams should not just be problem solvers or gatekeepers. Instead, they should enable new capabilities and drive innovation. While the reality is that this is rarely the case in healthcare organisations, Covid-19 proved that they can be agile in deploying new services and capabilities. What would have previously taken 6 months had to be done in 6 weeks. In days, platforms had to handle 10 times the volume. 

The right digitalisation approach harnesses these capabilities and expands them outwards – using cloud technologies and operating models to make them comfortably business-as-usual instead of all-hands-to-the-pump crisis operations.

We address the real challenges healthcare organisations are facing.

Uncontrollable costs

Challenge: Replicating on-premises infrastructure to operate in a legacy fashion in the cloud means high operational costs. 

Solution: Economies of scale in cloud allow businesses to pay only for what they need. Plus, our zero-upfront model lets business shift costs back to when you’re realising the benefits.

Sensitive data

Challenge: Although encrypting data at rest and in transit is common practice, hospitals handle sensitive personal data that might be vulnerable during processing.

Solution: This is where confidential computing comes into play. Confidential computing is achieved by cloud providers by using various hardware and software technologies that allow for the creation of secure enclaves or trusted execution environments (TEEs). These enclaves are isolated from the rest of the system and provide a protected area for data processing, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and privacy are maintained.

Legacy applications

Challenge: Applications and services designed decades ago relies on deprecated or obsolete components, and drain resources.

Solution: Our experts make clever improvements that cut licence and capacity costs, reduce technical and security risks, and expand functionality.

Lack of expertise

Challenge: ICT departments of hospitals may have little to no experience with operating cloud services.

Solution: We support the creation of a cloud center of excellence (CCoE) to get you started on the journey. We also provide training and best practices to enable your journey.

Employee turnover

Challenge: Staff retention is a significant challenge in the health sector, often leaving a gap in knowledge or process.

Solution: We can alleviate the operational efforts of running and maintaining services in the cloud by providing workforce, mentorship, and proven practices.

Security burdens

Challenge: Increases in security threats and compliance requirements mean staying secure and compliant has become a burden for hospital IT teams.

Solution: Nordcloud not only provides experts in governance, risk, compliance, and security, but also ensures and maintains secure and compliant landing zones in the cloud.


Lack of automation

Challenge: Deploying and integrating software services is time consuming if no automation is available, which is often the case in the healthcare IT operations.

Solution: Our dedicated cloud-native services and best practices drive deployment automation, while others deliver transparency and security of the deployed interfaces.

System resilience

Challenge: Resilience is a life-or-death matter in hospitals, but suboptimal management risks business-critical applications and services.

Solution: Cloud services update and replace components more easily. And, with the availability of cloud services throughout different regions, resilience is better ensured.

Identifying the right starting point

Challenge: Getting starting with cloud can be intimidating given the breadth and complexity of your infrastructure and application estate – as well as the range of available services.

Solution: We give you a secure cloud foundation – a scalable asset that gives you quick wins around enhanced disaster recovery and cloud back-up services. At the same time, you have a platform for building sustainable value as you expand capabilities, use cases and skills.

Speed of change

Challenge: Hospitals have to keep pace with evolving practices and technologies. Components and tools that were once the trend are not anymore.

Solution: We help IT teams adopt cloud in an agile way, to better react to the business domains, shifting from naysayer to facilitator, powered by cloud native capabilities like AI. 

Why Nordcloud.

Faster integration

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get better, faster, more reliable results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey.

Focus on value

We’re focused on delivering real value and ROI, using proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximise the cost savings and value potential of the cloud. From technology to training, from design to DevOps, you get the support needed to get sustainable results.

Global cloud leadership

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms, so you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.

Ready to start your journey to cloud?

Our aim is to help hospitals and healthcare organisations clearly define cloud use cases, show the value, and to understand the costs involved.
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