Vitesco case study

Vitesco Technologies.

Empowering a global manufacturer to build out its cloud infrastructure at scale, from scratch.

  • Over 90% of services onboarded
  • Provided easy-to-use infrastructure in a scalable, secure & automated way
  • Now managing 65% of Vitesco Technologies’ cloud estate

Project Summary.

The client.

Vitesco Technologies is a leading international developer and manufacturer of technologies for sustainable mobility.

Based in Regensburg, Germany, with almost 40,000 employees at around 50 locations worldwide, Vitesco Technologies shapes the future of mobility as a pioneer in electrification and electromobility. 

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Project background.

Formerly part of Continental AG, Vitesco Technologies was spun off as an independent company in 2021. As an autonomous group, Vitesco Technologies has increased its speed and agility in reacting to market developments, with a clear focus on electrification, e-mobility and electronics, supported by an independent brand presence.

Their aim was to build the platform and processes in tandem. They needed knowledge transferred to their internal teams as service adoption scaled. 


Vitesco Technologies approached crunch time. The company was to be spun off from Continental AG into an independent company, which meant an independent IT estate.

As it faced the challenge of complete separation from Continental AG’s core IT services, the company needed a partner to build its cloud infrastructure from scratch, fast. A hard deadline was set for the date they’d ring the bell on the stock exchange. Speed was key.

What’s more, the infrastructure needed to be scalable, delivering a hefty migration lift across various multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Data and services were split across 20 data centers – some Vitesco Technologies, some Continental AG, some both – stored across multiple public clouds, VMware and on-premises.

Complexity was added through the need for a tailored, agile operational model.

During the carve-out, we were facing strict deadlines and shifting priorities. We needed an agile partner who could keep pace with our unique business and IT needs. 

Our aim was to build the platform and processes in tandem. We needed knowledge transfer to our internal teams as service adoption scaled. The hybrid architecture of cloud and on-premise hosting was crucial to our success.

Nordcloud drove the build in the most collaborative way across our cloud and on-premises requirements.


Head of Cloud & Data Center Service; Vitesco Technologies

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Vitesco Technologies had a hard deadline set by the spin-off to migrate and modernise its entire core IT environment – from scratch.


Sustainable automation was vital, with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) providing the building blocks for modular automation.


Easy-to-use software assets were needed for scaling purposes, with an MVP approach to spin-up standardised building blocks (and fast).

Our Approach.

Tailored operating model

We developed a customised operating and managed services model for different needs across multiple cloud environments.

  • Full: Production & QA
  • Light: QA & Development

This approach enabled 95% of environments and apps to use the service model.

Standardised building blocks

Standardised building blocks – developed through IaC – enabled rapid spin-up of environments and apps for servers, database and storage.

Strong collaboration between Vitesco Technologies and Nordcloud was crucial, powered by storing everything in an internal code repository. We created MVPs for each block to deliver the required speed, and then further developed features as needs evolved.

Managed services

Managed services were integrated from the beginning, making it a seamless transition post-migration. Over 90% of services were onboarded in this way, leveraging automation so no additional manual effort was needed from the business units.

The Nordcloud team also leverages Nordcloud Klarity to support different service operations in cloud and on-premises environments.

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  • Nordcloud’s rapid sync with the environment and processes meant the SRE team could get building fast, prioritising the first building blocks for live usage in an MVP model.
  • After 6 months, all building blocks reached production level and were in use, at scale. We spun up over 800 instances, and now manage ~65% of Vitesco Technologies’ cloud estate.
  • Nordcloud Klarity plays a key role in streamlining that management, providing a centralised platform for the Nordcloud managed service team to streamline cloud and hybrid estates in areas such as OS images, patching and back-up, while enabling FinOps capabilities.

Together with Nordcloud´s highly skilled SRE and managed services teams, we were able to rapidly build a scalable, fully-managed cloud environment in time for our spin-off.

In addition to providing multi-cloud experts and automation tooling, Nordcloud supported our hybrid cloud operations.


Head of IT Infrastructure; Vitesco Technologies

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