Managed Cloud Migration.

Migrate to the cloud with zero up-front investment and a fast track to value

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Why miss opportunities because of a slow migration? .

Managed Cloud Migration is a financially and operationally savvy cloud migration method. It’s a new approach that reduces risks and helps you reap cloud benefits more quickly. How? With a unique financial model and by integrating cloud-native migration and managed services in a streamlined process.

Zero up-front migration costs.

Instead of having a hefty cloud bill up-front, Managed Cloud Migration spreads migration costs over 3 years, incorporating them into the monthly opex for managed cloud. You therefore have end-to-end clarity for cash flow – and a closer alignment between cost and value.

Fast track to value from the cloud.

Our managed services engineers work alongside our migration experts throughout the process – leveraging cloud-native tooling and automation. This means ongoing managed cloud considerations are incorporated from the beginning and at every stage, so you start getting value faster.

Cloud Migration in a Box.

The perfect package deal to migrate 150-300 VMs with minimal upfront costs.
Say goodbye to financial risk and hello to cloud value!

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Cloud Migration in the box

Why Managed Cloud Migration.

Zero up-front migration costs

Migration costs are amortised and added to your monthly managed services commitment. You reap cloud benefits without hitting cash reserves.

Reduced risk

You have an integrated migration and managed services team addressing all technical, data, security and operational considerations from the outset.

Accelerated business value

You achieve value faster – and can start seizing opportunities – because your workloads and applications are managed as they’re migrated.

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