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IBM Multicloud Autobackup is a multi-cloud data protection solution for your IaaS and PaaS environments. It performs automatic back-ups based on your predefined policies and set-ups, helping you boost efficiency, improve your security posture and reduce capacity costs (by optimising data storage requirements).

From one, user-friendly tool, you can protect and track resources – and their copies – across your clouds, making it easy to maintain compliance and governance.

Our favourite IBM Multicloud Autobackup features.

Compliance dashboard

Check in real-time if and when resources were backed up  and see at a glance how much data is unprotected. Notifications mean you’ll never miss key events or issues.


Autobackup automatically discovers resources and assigns them to back-up policies. You can also automate pre- and post-activities with webhooks. It’s one less thing you have to worry about as your cloud footprint grows.

Retention control

Automatically control retention policies and remove obsolete back-ups. You’ll see savings on capacity costs because you’re storing data more efficiently.

See how you can automate your compliance and governance tasks.

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