Managed FinOps.

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Your public cloud costs are growing – but you don’t know exactly why, where or how. Plus, you’re looking to maximise ROI for every euro/pound/dollar spent in public cloud:

Managed FinOps solves these problems for you and with you

Managed FinOps helps you accurately predict what your cloud costs will be, and provides visibility into why cloud costs are rising, where and who is involved.
Through this, you can ensure that cloud delivers the expected business value.

Managed FinOps from Nordcloud gives you:

KPIs and benchmarking

Processes based on real-time insights

Measurable business outcomes

Your Managed FinOps journey with Nordcloud.

Your partner through every stage of the FinOps journey

Managed FinOps in numbers.


Confidence all cloud spend is adding value – and nothing is wasted.


Cost allocation and transparency across all of your cloud estates.


Rolling forecast that accurately predicts cloud spend, so your business and IT teams can easily align.


Certified FinOps practitioners who give you a one-stop FinOps shop tailored to your maturity and needs.

The Pyramid of FinOps Needs.

Understand the foundations for FinOps success

The Pyramid of FinOps Needs is based on 10 years of FinOps battle scars. It’s a framework that helps you get results when the stars won’t align.

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Why Nordcloud for FinOps?

Save more money

We offer you an established fast-track to cloud savings – guaranteed. We start with an assessment to quantify your savings potential – and then help you realise it over the short term and ongoing.

Get FinOps pioneers guiding your journey

FinOps is an emerging area, and we’ve long been at the cutting edge. We have ca50 certified practitioners, are a certified Platform Provider, a certified Service Provider and a certified Training Provider. Our CEO is even on the FinOps Foundation Governance Board, helping guide the evolution of best practices.

Get the holistic support you need

We’re a one-stop FinOps shop you can leverage based on your maturity and needs. Want us to manage all your FinOps for you? Great. Want support to build in-house capabilities? Done. Need the right FinOps tech? It’s here. And it’s all cloud-native.

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