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Say goodbye to confusing and opaque reporting. Get actionable insights into your organisation's data using high-quality, user-friendly dashboards.
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Every report tells a story: Make sure it’s a good one.

People’s eyes light up when they first see Nordcloud-designed BI dashboards – because they finally have easy access to the insight they’re looking for.

Even the most comprehensive dashboard won’t drive business value if people don’t (or can’t) use it. Our proprietary approach to BI dashboard delivery ensures the best possible user experience – and delivers maximum value to the people seeking insight from data. We drive user adoption by properly identifying key user groups and analysing their needs and ways of working. Then, we use rapid prototyping tools that allow for quick and cost-effective feedback and iteration. 

That way, reports aren’t just visually appealing – they’re tailored to your users’ and customers’ needs, workflows and even their data literacy. And that means they’re delivering the value people need.

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Why Nordcloud?

User-centred BI

Our methodology keeps people front and centre – from requirements gathering to rapid prototyping to continuous improvement – so you get broad adoption.

We make data beautiful

It’s all about getting people to say: “Wow! The reports are so easy to use and understand!” Which also means they’re excited about using the tool.

Efficient and value-driven

We’re laser focused on value, eliminating waste and rework and seeking constant improvement through feedback and iteration.

IBM Multicloud

Human-centred and adoption-driven dashboards.

A robust methodology with comprehensive data UX expertise

Our data UX services include solution envisioning workshops, design system development, user adoption research and recommendations, dashboard usability audits as well as UX and data visualisation training.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation Centre of Excellence.

Get best practices, leadership, support and training in everything around visual analytics and reporting 

We help you facilitate and create a flexible operating model for BI reporting delivery across your organisation. We create efficiency and agility for your development teams and drive consumer-level UX for your users.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

Customising and extending BI tools.

When your needs go beyond your BI platform’s out-of-the-box functionality, we’re here to help

We’ll create stunning interactive custom data visualisations and build custom data connectors. And we’ll enable your customers and users to access rich, interactive dashboards and visualisations from within your website or app, with embedded analytics.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

User enablement and training.

Upskill your teams and take the reins of your analytics workspace

Enrol in group workshops, where we tackle complete subjects and dissect them with real-world examples and use cases. We also offer dedicated 1:1 sessions where your team members get personalised training from our senior experts.

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Risto Jäntti
Risto Jäntti
Global Data GtM Lead