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We help you deploy application landing zones at scale – in less than 3 weeks.
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Cloud-native foundations that set you up for success.

To make the most of the agility you get from the cloud, you need firm foundations.

That’s where our Cloud Foundations come in. They help you overcome the 4 common pitfalls organisations experience when implementing landing zones:

  • Time and cost overruns – too often, a well-architected cloud environment takes months to implement, and learning on the job is expensive
  • Governance complexity – starting small then scaling makes governance tricky and costly
  • Unmanageable security – because it’s not at the heart of cloud foundation design 
  • Automation is an afterthought – which hampers development and operations down the line

With Cloud Foundations from Nordcloud, you start benefiting quickly, leveraging automation to deliver speed, governance at scale and clear security management. 

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Why Nordcloud?

Ready to use in 3 weeks

You’re up and running in 3 weeks rather than months, with the ability to add customisations and additional features / capabilities as your requirements evolve.

Multi-cloud approach

We incorporate best practices and learnings from all major cloud providers, which sets you up for success with multiple clouds now – or keeps you flexible for a multi-cloud approach in the future.

Automation is your enabler

You can automate networking, policies, auditing, log management and more – so you can cost-effectively operate a growing application estate in the cloud.

Embedded security and governance.

Streamline management, leveraging automation

You benefit from Nordcloud’s extensive expertise and best practices from more than 1,000 public cloud implementations. With our Cloud Foundations, you get an enterprise-ready security set-up based on blueprints and guardrails implemented on top of CSP baselines. 

This includes enterprise-wide security policies, encryption by default, zero trust model, centralised ingress and egress, and audit and logging tuned to your needs. Importantly, you also get a single pane of glass from a security management point of view.

Built for acceleration.

Save time upfront and throughout your cloud transformation

We deliver standard Cloud Foundations in 3 weeks, leveraging automation and cloud-native tooling to drive value over the short, medium and long term. This then becomes your accelerator for easily replicating and scaling results – and cost-effectively building out your cloud capabilities. 

Importantly, our solution isn’t just code. You get full documentation that makes life easier for everyone as your cloud foundation extends and becomes more complex.

Nordcloud cloud services

Empowered teams.

Your teams get the support they need to make the most of the cloud – with no vendor lock-in

You get more than a simple set of application landing zones with our Cloud Foundations. For example, we’re known for our collaborative approach that prioritises knowledge transfer. You get workshops, fit-for-purpose documentation and deployment handover. And if you want to free up teams to focus on business value, we can even manage the Cloud Foundations for you

There’s no vendor lock-in, so whether you choose a one-off deployment or a managed option, you always get the source code.

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