Your Induction Questions, Answered

The Story Behind our Remote Inductions

It’s probably no surprise that those of us working in cloud services are also working digitally. The results we have obtained from customer and employee surveys prove that we can do excellent work remotely. Of that, we are absolutely sure. 

But what does the induction process at Nordcloud look like? What can new joiners who work remotely expect from their first few weeks at Nordcloud? 

Before the pandemic, we used to work from home and sync when we would come into the office with our colleagues so that we could spend more time together (this wasn’t only on the days our exceptional Office Managers organised weekly breakfasts for us ;)). By the time induction week came around, even if one of our new employees didn’t live near our offices, we could still spend time together and share in the positive vibes. 

Of course, 2020 changed everything. We had to switch to fully remote induction for everyone. Initially, we worried about how our new joiners would assimilate into the company and build good relationships with their colleagues, Team Leader and customers. Still, the feedback we received every month from new groups of Nordcloudians warmed our hearts and let us know we were doing a great job! 

Nordcloud’s Remote Inductions: The FAQ

During the pandemic, we experimented with Trello, spreadsheets, videos and various different methods when preparing to welcome a group of Nordcloudians. By listening to our new joiners carefully, we knew we were doing it right, and we improved the process constantly. It had to be good if we were welcoming around 100 employees monthly (and remotely) at that time. 

In this FAQ, you will learn more about the induction process at Nordcloud and as these questions came directly from your feedback, we hope you will see answers to some of your most burning questions. So, future Nordcloudians, what can you expect from our side once you sign the contract and we are waiting to be welcomed to our organisation? 

I e-signed a contract with Nordcloud. What am I supposed to do until my first day? 

Honestly… sit back and relax! Our teams (POPS, IT Support, Office Managers and the Induction Squad) coordinate talking to you about everything from documentation to hardware (sent to you directly) and details about your first week at Nordcloud. 

How complicated are inductions at Nordcloud?

Not at all. At Nordcloud, we move fast and get things done quickly. The Induction Squad knows how to build a certain rhythm to your Nordcloud journey. 

Your hardware and access will be ready before your first day, and we know that some of you log into your emails to check the agenda for the first few days. 

We know you are excited about a new step in your career, but please be patient. Our Induction Squad enrolls the complete list of new joiners a few days before the 1st day of the month. Then, they send out all the invitations for the Global Induction Week. This is where you will learn more about Nordcloud, our strategy, services, teams, HR tools, culture and training opportunities. Sessions are held live and led directly by managers or unit representatives. Also, our checklist in our internal HR system helps you to track what is in progress. 

Is there an opportunity to go back through the knowledge shared with us in induction sessions? 

If you’re thinking “WOW! Sounds like my first days at Nordcloud will be full to the brim with many amazing people and sessions. I hope I can remember everything!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

You can revisit induction session content as needed. In every invitation to a specific session, you will find the link to the presentation. More detailed information is also gathered on our internal wiki page.

Moreover, we created a new joiner community channel where you can ask questions. Some of our colleagues engaged in Induction Week are also there to help with the answers. Our teams usually assign a buddy to you. Sometimes it can be directly your Team Lead, but sometimes another colleague from your team. 

But most importantly, one of our values is ‘we help uniquely talented people achieve greatness.’ And this process starts as soon as our paths cross. So, anytime you need help, you can reach out to anybody and get the answers you need! 

What if I start in the middle of the month? How often are sessions organised? I couldn’t participate in the first session. What now?

Nordcloud Induction Week is at the beginning of every month. Once a month, we organise global induction week. Everyone receives access to materials, and some sessions are recorded. Other than that, you are invited to the sessions the following month. Also, your team will guide you. 

Additional tools:

  • The New Joiners Community Slack channel. You can always ask about anything once you start
  • Hi bob. Communication here starts before you join the company, such as the office coordinator contacting about hardware as you can choose what we should order for you
  • Referral coffees. This is a time to reflect on the onboarding process, ask any questions regarding vacancies in the company, how to refer colleagues and get a great bonus 

Can I share my feedback after?

Yes, of course, you receive the survey after your inductions. You can rate every session and share your thoughts about any improvements that would make future induction sessions more interesting and helpful. 

Final Thoughts

On a scale from 0 to 6, our inductions received a 5.40 rating in 2022. How should we celebrate? Well, if you’re not a Nordcloudian yet, we have an idea. Why not head over to our careers page to apply for an open position and experience Induction Week for yourself? 

We hope to see you soon!

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Dagmara SybilskaSenior Talent Acquisition Partner @ Nordcloud
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