Microsoft Azure.

People say working with us is like having a compass for their Azure journey. You have cloud-native experts guiding best practice, pre-empting pitfalls and helping you achieve better, faster results.

“Nordcloud has distinguished itself as an exemplary partner, demonstrating remarkable expertise and innovation to help customers achieve more.”
Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

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From cloud strategy to managed services, we help you become stronger, fitter and faster with Azure.

Data and AI.

Understand your data’s actual value – and discover the best way to maximise it. Because if you want to leverage all the fantastic models and technologies out there, it’s best to start with the right action plan. That’s where we add value.

We help you:

  • Reduce the effort and risk associated with data-driven transformation
  • Enable secure and trusted AI adoption (from Copilot to MLOps)
  • Hit the ground running with ready-made artefacts, operating models and governance
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Infrastructure and migration.

How do you successfully manage the many stakeholders and complex ecosystems involved in migrations? And how do you achieve a positive TCO from a Day 2 perspective?

Our proven migration approach answers both these questions – giving you a clear path to value from Azure.

  • Avoid analysis paralysis with our rapid strategy and TCO assessment
  • Meet your deadlines with our speedy methodology, leveraging automation
  • Maximise cost savings with our financially and operationally savvy approach
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Ready for peace of mind? As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Security, we help you move to a best-practice Zero Trust security approach that safeguards innovation without stifling it.

As a result, you will:

  • Improve security posture across identities, devices, infrastructure, workloads and data
  • Remove uncertainty with a clear strategy and roadmap
  • Save money on security management (while boosting agility)
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Managed services.

Get Azure benefits without burdening your IT teams. As an Azure Expert MSP with more than 1,600 certifications, we help you optimise, secure and maintain your environment – so you can save more money, innovate efficiently and de-stress your teams.

  • Get the performance, availability and security needed for first-class customer and dev experiences
  • Give your IT teams time and technical support to make cool things happen
  • Control costs with ongoing optimisation
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Digital and application innovation.

We routinely surprise customers with how fast we get them to market. Because when you work with cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage, you get people who truly know the tech, understand how to solve knotty problems and love the feeling of creating something awesome.

  • Make the most of the right Azure services to maximise speed and savings
  • Ensure a future-proof approach where everything is scalable and sustainable
  • Benefit from agile and DevOps to get rapid value
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Accelerating GenAI benefits: Getting projects from PoC to production.

Getting GenAI projects from PoC to production can have its challenges. Nordcloud CEO Jan Kritz and CTO Microsoft Petri Salminen discuss how to get these projects started, as well as the business benefits of using GenAI efficiently and securely.


Be stronger, fitter and faster on Azure.

We’re cloud-native, big enough to scale and totally agile. Choose a partner who gives you the expertise, experience and proactive support needed to make the most of Azure.


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Funding: Take a smarter approach.

“An exceptional thing about Nordcloud was the way they worked with the hyperscaler and clearly presented the funding options. They were the only prospective partner that put funding on the table for us in that way.”

Want to be a success story like that customer? Let’s chat about how you can make the most of Microsoft funding opportunities.

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Cloud Cloud
We chose Microsoft Azure as the leading player in cloud. And Nordcloud became the clear choice as our preferred our cloud partner with their experts, cloud-native skillset and proactive customer approach. Plus their awarded partnership with Microsoft and direct relationship with Microsoft's top management make them an excellent partner.
Timo Pantsari
The Nordcloud team is very supportive in engaging the wider business. At every level, they are professional, transparent, and extremely competent. This helps build trust, which contributed real value throughout the project. Combined with the commitment and energy they brought to the delivery, we continued pushing the ambition of the project and went beyond what we thought possible. This of course meant we built a strong solution, but also changed the way we work with partners.
Giovanni Franzese
Head of Blockchain
NHS England
We have skilled teams working across NHS England, but we needed a partner to help us establish the Cloud Centre of Excellence quickly and successfully. We also wanted to incorporate best practices from industries beyond healthcare. IBM Consulting, with its Nordcloud cloud-native arm, brought deep cloud expertise and experience to support us.
Neil Gibbs
Cloud Engagement Service Lead
Nordcloud worked closely with our in-house engineers to migrate our application infrastructure to the cloud. Our challenges included the size of the environment, many VMs and some very large databases. This would normally mean a week of downtime, but, because of Nordcloud’s expertise, we were able to move these servers across in a controlled and timely manner, meaning only one weekend of downtime.
Russ Phillips
Head of Technology & Security – Global IT
Porsche Informatik
With Nordcloud we have found a partner who accompanies us on our cloud journey in an agile, professional and unbureaucratic way. With Nordcloud as a partner, I am looking forward to further developing the Cloud Foundation and scaling it to our broad areas of application.
Günter Schulmeister
Public Cloud Architect
Van Oord
The Nordcloud team collaborated very well with us across the board. They synced well not only with our cloud teams, but wider units like the network connectivity team who host part of our infrastructure. Their efforts to truly collaborate built a lot of trust.
Patrick Spierings
Manager – Digital Technology
The word transformational is often used in IT, however, in my experience it is rarely delivered. Nordcloud, however, have delivered a transformational service. Nordcloud turn the traditional model on its head and collaborated extensively through the design stage and architected a solution that is efficient, responsive, cost-effective and transcends our entire technology stack. I will happily recommend Nordcloud to other companies who are looking for a trusted partner to change their infrastructure to the latest cloud architecture.
Will Blake
Director of Technology & Analytics
We’re now able to move things quickly from designer’s desk to development and production. There is no need to revisit old ideas ten months after inception and try to recall what we were thinking. The pipeline goes so fast, and we will focus on improving production features rather than redefining designs before a major release.
Kimmo Kinnunen
@ Enegia
Volkswagen Data:Lab
Customer support in onboarding is outstanding. It is a role model.
Hector Valverde
Solution Architect

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CTO, Microsoft