Data and AI on Azure.

We help you unleash the business potential of AI on Azure – and turn your data into a value generator.

Understand your data’s actual value – and discover the best way to maximise it.

Because if you want to leverage all the fantastic models and technologies out there, it’s best to start with the right action plan.

That’s where we add value. From data migration and modernisation to AI strategy, generative AI implementation and machine learning industrialisation – we help you:

  • Reduce the effort and risk associated with data-driven transformation
  • Enable secure and trusted AI adoption (from Copilot to MLOps)
  • Hit the ground running with ready-made artefacts, operating models and governance

Here’s a taste of the popular data and AI services we’re delivering for enterprises across Europe. Contact us to discuss these and other data capabilities.

Secure AI and data foundation.

Let’s clear your path to data and AI enablement. You get a standard infrastructure-as-code based deployment within weeks, with best-practice security controls built-in. It’s an easy, scalable way to start leveraging analytics and AI on Azure – with peace of mind.

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OpenAI – the strategic and responsible way.

Put the roadmap, governance and infrastructure in place to use gen AI efficiently and securely. Whether it’s giving employees secure, controlled access to ChatGPT or deploying more effective chatbots – we help you stop dabbling and start getting value.

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Business intelligence and data visualisation.

Most Power BI dashboards don’t get the desired user adoption -–because they don’t address needs, are too complex and/or are poorly designed. We help you overcome this with our proprietary approach, which ensures the best possible data user experience and delivers maximum value to the end user.

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Data migration and modernisation.

Stop your legacy data estate leaking money – and turn it into a value generator. Our cloud-native experts fast-track your journey to a data estate that better supports services; delivers enhanced security, access and compliance; and saves significant money.

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Data architecture optimisation.

Discover your data value network, reveal its actual value – and establish a roadmap for managing data assets and creating a scalable solution architecture Azure. We help you scale POCs, avoid vendor and resource locks and use data to drive business value.

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Database service optimisation.

The fact is, you can’t effectively leverage Azure capabilities with applications until your database services are optimised for public cloud. We help you do this, starting with a Well-Architected Review for database services that takes just 2 weeks.

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Accelerating GenAI benefits: Getting projects from PoC to production.

Getting GenAI projects from PoC to production can have its challenges. Nordcloud CEO Jan Kritz and CTO Microsoft Petri Salminen discuss how to get these projects started, as well as the business benefits of using GenAI efficiently and securely.

Cloud Cloud
The Nordcloud team is very supportive in engaging the wider business. At every level, they are professional, transparent, and extremely competent. This helps build trust, which contributed real value throughout the project. Combined with the commitment and energy they brought to the delivery, we continued pushing the ambition of the project and went beyond what we thought possible. This of course meant we built a strong solution, but also changed the way we work with partners.
Giovanni Franzese
Head of Blockchain
Van Oord
The Nordcloud team collaborated very well with us across the board. They synced well not only with our cloud teams, but wider units like the network connectivity team who host part of our infrastructure. Their efforts to truly collaborate built a lot of trust.
Patrick Spierings
Manager – Digital Technology
The word transformational is often used in IT, however, in my experience it is rarely delivered. Nordcloud, however, have delivered a transformational service. Nordcloud turn the traditional model on its head and collaborated extensively through the design stage and architected a solution that is efficient, responsive, cost-effective and transcends our entire technology stack. I will happily recommend Nordcloud to other companies who are looking for a trusted partner to change their infrastructure to the latest cloud architecture.
Will Blake
Director of Technology & Analytics

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CTO, Microsoft