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Want to win with cloud?
You have to blur the lines between business and IT.

On average, organisations are leaving 20% of value from the cloud on the table because they’re not on top of their usage and spend consumption. This means they’re not ensuring maximum return for every bit of time and money invested.

Financial cloud management (FinOps) is a combination of people, processes and tools that help you take full advantage of your savings potential. It involves KPI-driven, tool-optimised, repeatable cost management that works across the organisation. And that means there’s no more headaches associated with finance/tech misalignment, complicated chargeback management or constant cost overruns.

Why Nordcloud?

Save more money

We offer you an established fast-track to cloud savings – guaranteed. We start with an assessment to quantify your savings potential – and then help you realise it over the short term and ongoing.

Get FinOps pioneers guiding your journey

FinOps is an emerging area, and we’ve long been at the cutting edge. We have ca50 certified practitioners, are a certified Platform Provider, a certified Service Provider and a certified Training Provider. Our CEO is even on the FinOps Foundation Governance Board, helping guide the evolution of best practices.

Get the holistic support you need

We’re a one-stop FinOps shop you can leverage based on your maturity and needs. Want us to manage all your FinOps for you? Great. Want support to build in-house capabilities? Done. Need the right FinOps tech? It’s here. And it’s all cloud-native.

Nordcloud cloud services

Managed FinOps.

Our Managed FinOps service gives you a robust and scalable operational model for measuring and optimising cloud spend against KPIs.

It’s the easy way to maximise ROI on cloud spend because we help manage your multi-cloud cost optimisation end to end, introducing benchmarking, processes based on real-time insight and measurable business outcomes.

With Managed FinOps, you get a true partner and trusted advisor – alongside proven frameworks, tooling and automation. The result: your savings roll in and you reduce ongoing financial risk for the organisation.

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Nordcloud cloud services

FinOps advisory.

Embed new ways of working and free up budget for more innovation

FinOps goes hand in hand with cultural change, and that’s where Nordcloud advisors come in. We meet people where they are, empower them to embrace FinOps processes and give them incentives to continue using new ways of working long term.

We can support with everything from process optimisation to checklists and documentation. So whether you’re looking to automate cost allocation, implement new tools or gamify FinOps – we can help you overcome sticking points and get people up to speed with best practices.

FinOps training.

Build a team of in-house FinOps experts

Get your business and finance teams up and running with FinOps best practices by closing skills gaps that are holding you back. From bespoke sessions to general training courses, we help you get the capabilities and certifications needed to drive ongoing cost optimisation as the organisation does more with cloud.

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Meet IBM Multicloud, the FinOps tool built by Nordcloud.

Put your cloud cost management on autopilot

From accurate cost allocation to identifying unmanaged resources and minimising overprovisioning – IBM Multicloud Accelerator is your FinOps enablement tool.

Get complete visibility of resources and spend across your clouds and hybrid environments, with features like automatic showbacks, in-built best practice FinOps KPIs and saving suggestions.

FinOps guide

How to move your FinOps to the fast lane.

Is your FinOps behind the curve?

This guide looks at how to fix common FinOps issues and get on the fast track to industry cost optimisation benchmarks.


Cloud FinOps FAQ.

What is cloud FinOps?

Cloud FinOps, short for Financial Operations, refers to the practice of managing and optimising cloud costs to ensure efficient resource allocation. It combines financial management, cloud expertise, and operational insights to drive cost optimisation in cloud environments.

What are cloud FinOps services?

Cloud FinOps services refer to the specialised services provided by third-party vendors or cloud consulting firms to assist organisations in effectively managing their cloud finances.

These services may include:

  • Cost analysis and optimisation recommendations.
  • Cloud cost management tool selection and implementation.
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting support.
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of cloud costs.
  • Training and education on FinOps best practices.
  • Assistance
Why is cloud FinOps important?

Cloud FinOps is crucial because it helps organisations control and optimise their cloud spending. By implementing effective FinOps practices, businesses can accurately track costs, allocate resources efficiently, and make data-driven decisions to optimise their cloud investments.

What are the key components of cloud FinOps?

The key components of cloud FinOps include:

  • Cost visibility and transparency: Accurate cost tracking and reporting.
  • Cost optimisation: Identifying cost-saving opportunities and implementing strategies to reduce waste.
  • Collaboration: Encouraging cross-functional teams to work together towards cost optimisation.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly reviewing and refining cloud spending practices.
How can cloud FinOps help reduce cloud costs?

Cloud FinOps employs various techniques to reduce cloud costs, such as:

  • Identifying and eliminating underutilised resources.
  • Leveraging reserved instances or savings plans for long-term usage.
  • Implementing automated scaling to match resource demand.
  • Optimising storage costs through data lifecycle management.
  • Monitoring and controlling cloud service usage.
What are some best practices for implementing cloud FinOps?

Here are some best practices for effective cloud FinOps:

  • Establish clear accountability and ownership of cloud costs.
  • Implement a tagging strategy to track costs by project, team, or application.
  • Regularly analyse and optimise resource allocation.
  • Make use of the cost management tools and services offered by cloud providers to effectively track and manage expenses.
  • Cultivate a culture of cost awareness and mindfulness throughout the entire organisation to ensure everyone understands the importance of optimising cloud costs.
How can organisations improve cost forecasting with cloud FinOps?

To improve cost forecasting, organisations can:

  • Analyse historical data and usage patterns.
  • Consider seasonal or cyclical trends that may impact costs.
  • Leverage cost estimation tools provided by cloud providers.
  • Incorporate business growth projections into cost forecasting models.
  • Regularly review and update cost forecasts based on actual usage and trends.
What challenges can organisations face with cloud FinOps implementation?
  • Some common challenges organisations may face with cloud FinOps implementation include:
    Lack of cost visibility and control due to complex cloud pricing models.
  • Difficulty in aligning different teams and stakeholders on cost optimisation goals.
  • Limited understanding of cloud billing and metering.
  • Insufficient knowledge of cost optimisation techniques and tools.
  • Inadequate integration of FinOps processes with existing workflows.
How can automation support cloud FinOps?

Automation plays a vital role in supporting cloud FinOps by:

  • Enabling automated resource provisioning and deprovisioning based on usage patterns.
  • Implementing automated scaling to adjust resources in real-time.
  • Automating cost allocation and tagging processes.
  • Leveraging automated monitoring and alerting for cost anomalies or overspending.
  • Integrating with cloud management tools to streamline FinOps workflows.

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