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“We went to Nordcloud to ensure that the most important strategic part of our offering was a success. The overall experience of working with Nordcloud was phenomenal.”

Adil Osmani, CEO,

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From foundations and strategy to applications and managed services. Browse our complete range of Google Cloud services.

Managed services.

Focus on what you do best – innovating and growing your business. We handle the complexities of your Google Cloud infrastructure, applications and foundations. 

  • Be more time and cost-efficient in everything Google Cloud-related
  • Don’t overwhelm your in-house personnel by forcing them to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving Google Cloud
  • Have dedicated experts proactively optimise your systems and ensure your technology always supports your goals
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Application modernisation.

Modernising your Google Cloud applications isn’t just about keeping up with the latest tech trends. It takes deep specialist knowledge – and time. Do you have enough of that in-house? 

Our team of experts do. And they understand your unique challenges, so they are ready to seamlessly step in and deliver for you. 

  • Bridge any capability gaps you may have within UX 
  • Access deep knowledge and know for sure what’s possible within IoT and edge computing
  • Always rest assured your Google Cloud applications meet the technological standards today and tomorrow
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Cloud migrations.

No two migration journeys are the same. But all pain-free ones follow the same patterns. We bring the knowledge and resources to make your Google Cloud journey predictably successful.

  • Follow your own perfect, unique and easy-to-follow plan from start to successful finish
  • Bridge every skills gap, either by upskilling your staff or bringing in our seasoned experts
  • Be a super-efficient migration machine that works on proven templates and frameworks
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Unlock value from data.

If you’re like most organisations, you’re sitting on tonnes of underutilised data on Google Cloud. That means ample room for growth and competitive advantage in your data alone – a unique business opportunity waiting to be unlocked. 

  • Make better-informed decisions, faster, with streamlined access to your data
  • Protect your precious data with the security and compliance solutions it deserves
  • Get both more and faster value from data with your infrastructure on a customisable, ready-made AI and data foundation
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VMware Engine.

Seamlessly migrate your existing VMware workloads to Google Cloud without retooling or retraining. With VMware Engine, you can benefit fully from Google Cloud’s powerful world of scalable infrastructure and innovative services.   

  • Move your workloads to Google Cloud with minimal disruption and downtime
  • Use Google Cloud’s global infrastructure to scale your VMware environment on demand, according to your needs
  • Integrate your VMware workloads with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge services – including AI, machine learning, and serverless computing
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There’s safety in numbers.

Work with a Google Cloud partner that has done it before and has the experienced, credentialed professionals to step up and deliver for you.


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I always say this to partners but they rarely do it. I say: “Tell me I’m wrong, because I want to know how we can improve."

Everyone at Nordcloud and SAPBASIS did this. Not only did their willingness to challenge and ask hard questions help us avoid major pitfalls, but it saved us money, too.
Sebastiaan Röben
IT Architect
Veolia Energia Polska
The cloud cost management tool has been a game-changer for our business. The support provided by Nordcloud was excellent.

Their team goes above and beyond to ensure we have a seamless experience, helping us optimise costs and maximise efficiency in our usage. It’s great having this experienced, dedicated cloud partner in our corner to help guide us.
Alicja Rybczyńska
The challenge for us is to always deliver a great experience for the millions of users who play Kahoot! at key times of the day.

We knew we couldn’t launch additional products or support millions of new users without moving key services to a fast and secure cloud-based platform.
Jostein Håvaldsrud
Carrefour Poland
Working with the large datasets is crucial for global enterprises like Carrefour.

We needed a solution that would firstly meet the directives of our global headquarters, but be modern and scalable for the growing demand of the Polish market. Google Cloud allowed us to achieve this.
Łukasz Szylberg
Main Solution Architect

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