Nordcloud Quality Policy Statement.

At Nordcloud we believe in getting things done fast and delivering great results. Living up to this vision we established an Integrated Management System defining our ways

  • to meet the requirements of all stakeholders and 
  • to operate the company as efficiently as possible and
  • to support an agile, flexible, and dynamic way of operation our business and
  • to make continuous change and disruptive ways of thinking part of our lives

Our Integrated Management System is built to adhere to the principles of the ISO 9001 quality standard. It addresses all key policies of our company and integrates other standards and codes we committed to:

  • we convince our customers and partners with quality of our services and our software products
  • we focus on design, transition, and delivery of our IT services, ensuring effectiveness, reduced downtime, and increased resilience for our customers
  • we continuously improve not only our internal processes but also the ways we and our clients are thinking about our business
  • we integrate security in our operations and services, reducing risks for clients, partners, and our own business. Our Global Information Security Management System is also part of our Integrated Manager System and itself certified against ISO 27001
  • we nurture and grow uniquely talented people by training and education
  • we build a cooperative environment with our business partners and suppliers, namely the Hyperscalers
  • we incorporate relevant parts of the IBM management system enabling us to offer a unified value proposition for joint clients
  • we contribute to the society by having a principled approach towards business, addressing social needs of our employees, and developing environmental initiatives

Our Quality Policy includes regular setting of goals, effective monitoring of the results, and dedicated processes to review, correct, and improve performance. These tools help us to ensure alignment of our Integrated Management System with the strategic direction of Nordcloud. 

Version 1, approved: 06 Dec 2022