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Our migration team unlock complex migration projects to help move your SAP estate to cloud with confidence.
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To cloud with confidence.

We architect your SAP migration, reducing complexity and costs, increasing agility, and enabling best practices and automation.

Our SAP migration team has the experience and competencies to deliver upon the most complex SAP migration projects, with over 15 years’ experience in SAP projects. We’ve supported hundreds of large scale projects, often with near-zero downtime and tight deadlines.

It means we have the ability to deliver all types of SAP migration projects, including the migration of SAP products to or from any operating system or database platform.

We’re also a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. So rest assured, whichever platform is right for you, we’ve got you covered.

Our delivery framework for success.

Get up and running on cloud quickly and securely with our SAP deployment automation and best practices

Managed Cloud Experts

Running SAP in the public cloud means moving workloads to an IaaS destination. SAP continues to build strong partnerships with the main cloud providers to provide its solutions on certified IaaS. As cloud-natives, we’re well versed in building and implementing this kind of infrastructure.

Foundations covered

This kind of approach means you can think of your target platform as your new virtual datacentre.

And we’re experts in prepare the ground for your cloud migration. The SAP workload zone or landing zone becomes the area of your virtual datacentre where the SAP services are held – security groups, governance, data, logging, access management.


Often, SAP applications – for example development, quality assurance and production – are spokes in a hub-spoke layout.

Nordcloud has strong expertise in each public cloud platform, which means we can help define and implement these structures and artefacts using best practices and automation.

We’ll find the right path
for you.

Migrating your SAP environment to cloud means moving from one server host to another – the different paths you can take depend on whether to change the database (DB), operating system (OS) neither, or both.

With this in mind, SAP has two migration concepts – homogeneous and heterogeneous.

With either type of migration, the combination of operating system and database must be supported by SAP.

Nordcloud cloud services

Homogeneous Migration

Usually a homogeneous system copy requires that both the DB and OS remain the same in the source system and target system.

  • A homogenous system copy is roughly equivalent to a rehost
  • This typically involves reinstalling your VMs and SAP application tier, then copying database data to the target system
Nordcloud cloud services

Heterogeneous Migration

If either the OS, DB, or both will differ in the target system to the source system, a heterogeneous system copy is needed.

  • This contains both ‘replatform’ and ‘refactor / transform’ paths
  • Replatform means upgrading or changing the OS and/or DB to those supported for SAP in target cloud
Nordcloud cloud services

Business requirements

And, as well as SAP’s guidance around homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations, the actual migration techniques that make sense also depend on the non-SAP technology factors in your business.

For example, the volume of data that needs to be copied, the amount of downtime windows or global maintenance breaks that are available, and the bandwidth between the source and target environments.

Our experts will consider all of these variables and more when planning, guiding and implementing your SAP to cloud migration.

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SAP system discovery.

All of our SAP advisory and architect experts have more than 10 years’ experience in cloud projects and are SAP and cloud certified and can help strategically guide your move to cloud. 

We can also help leverage SAP’s supported upgrade and migration tools to help empower your journey to cloud.

What else do you need help with?

End-to-end services to help your SAP to public cloud journey.


Combining our cloud knowledge with SAP experience to assess your landscape and map your move to public cloud.




Our managed SAP team provides SAP Basis implementation and ongoing technical support. We run the systems, so you can focus on other value-adders in your business.




Combining SAP technologies and our cloud expertise, we deliver automation to deploy faster and more consistently, adopting a DevOps mindset into SAP.




Enhance SAP functionality with cloud-native applications and implement new processes and services fast.




Minimise risk, simplify compliance and automate routine security tasks in SAP environments with our tools and methodologies.


Ready to move your SAP to the cloud?

Let’s discuss how we can help with your SAP cloud journey.
Our SAP experts are standing by to help.

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