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Extend the value of your data while controlling costs – with Nordcloud and Amazon Web Services.
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Control data costs and widen usage.

Enabling more users to take advantage of advanced data and analytics can be tough. Let us help you manage the cost of your data and analytics platforms – and make them available to more use cases in your organisation.

With Nordcloud, you get an experienced AWS partner who understands how to bring data to life with modern, future-proof solutions. The result: iterative progress in data value creation.

Why Nordcloud?

More savings

Research shows that migrating and modernising to the cloud can reduce your annual hardware costs by 60%. We often help customers save an additional 50%.

Broad data expertise

From Netezza, DB2, Exadata, Teradata, Hadoop and Hortonworks to MS SQL, Cloudera, Greenplum and SAP Business Warehouse – we take your legacy infra cloud native.

Fast, flexible results

You need value from data now, not in months or years. We make it so you can start exploring your data in weeks, giving teams agility and value – fast.

Nordcloud cloud services

Data Architecture Review.

Our Data Architecture Review uses Nordcloud’s experience-driven methodology to help you avoid common pitfalls and unlock more value from your data assets over the short and long term. In just 3 weeks, you get a report rooted in key business drivers that identifies:

  • Your goals, target user groups, scopes and restrictions
  • Your target architectures
  • How to scale pinpoint proof-of-concepts into corporate-level data architectures
  • How to translate business requirements into technical design across different customer teams and business units
  • Skill and role gaps, with proposed improvement actions
  • Pilot scope selected from the identified business drivers (smallest effort, biggest business impact)
  • Plan to build a scalable Data Foundation pilot accounting for customer-specific technologies
  • Roadmap covering how to incorporate all data assets and products under one Data
  • Foundation governance framework
Nordcloud cloud services

Data Foundation.

Once you have the plan and roadmap from the Data Architecture Review, you can hit the ground running with a Data Foundation governance framework that incorporates all data assets and products.

We help you get started with the pilot use case identified in the Data Architecture Review, ensuring that the challenges identified in the report are mitigated. The Data Foundation includes templates and incorporates AWS best practices and our expertise from more than 1,000 public cloud implementations. You therefore benefit from:

  • Reduced effort, timescale and risk associated with starting from scratch / custom design efforts
  • Avoiding designing an organisation-wide solution through the lens of single team or business unit
  • Avoiding having to fix decisions early about a data lake / data mesh approach, remaining flexible to avoid re-implementation costs
  • Reduced security effort, with templates that lead to a reduced attack surface
    Infrastructure as Code and DataOps methods
Nordcloud cloud services

Data Visualisation.

People’s eyes light up when they first see Nordcloud-designed BI dashboards – because they finally have easy access to the insight they’re looking for.

Even the most comprehensive dashboard won’t drive business value if people don’t (or can’t) use it. Our proprietary approach to BI dashboard delivery ensures the best possible user experience – and delivers maximum value to the people seeking insight from data.

We drive user adoption by properly identifying key user groups and analysing their needs and ways of working. Then, we use rapid prototyping tools that allow for quick and cost-effective feedback and iteration. 

That way, reports aren’t just visually appealing – they’re tailored to your users’ and customers’ needs, workflows and even their data literacy. And that means they’re delivering the value people need.

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Roman Strachowski
Roman Strachowski
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