The enterprise cloud journey with Nordcloud is a trip taken together. We stand with our clients for the full lifecycle of their solutions. Our Managed Cloud extends to your full technology stack from the capacity to the business applications and we provide value through five types of activities. It is a full portfolio of managed services for the public cloud.
Nordcloud Managed Cloud

Resolve and Restore

We monitor your assets and if any problem occurs, we find out how to get your business going again. 

Optimize Performance and Cost

We do not only monitor the assets for functionality, but also for performance and costs enabling us to optimize the solutions and your cost base.

Increase Resilience & Future-proof

We continuously look for ways to improve the security and reliability of your assets and their lifecycle.

Analyze and Recommend

We give recommendations on areas beyond our immediate area of responsibility enabling you to improve your whole operations.

Evolve and Enhance

We improve the setup and usage of your assets in a continuous manner.