VMware Engine on Google Cloud.

Easily migrate your VMware workloads to Google Cloud without the hassle of retooling or retraining.

Bring your VMware workloads to Google Cloud, where they become even better.

Seamlessly migrate your existing VMware workloads to Google Cloud without retooling or retraining. With VMware Engine, you can benefit fully from Google Cloud’s powerful world of scalable infrastructure and innovative services.   

  • Move your workloads to Google Cloud with minimal disruption and downtime
  • Use Google Cloud’s global infrastructure to scale your VMware environment on demand, according to your needs
  • Integrate your VMware workloads with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge services – including AI, machine learning and serverless computing

Here are some examples of how businesses use the VMware Engine. Contact us and let’s hear how we can bring your beautiful VMware workloads to Google Cloud.

Proof of Concept.

Test the waters and experience firsthand how seamlessly your VMware workloads can migrate and operate on Google Cloud. It’s a big infrastructure decision on your cloud journey, so let’s take the guesswork out of the equation.

Business case.

Know with certainty how Google Cloud VMware Engine will impact your bottom line. Let our experts build a customised, detailed business case and TCO model, complete with potential cost savings and estimated return on investment.


You want a scalable and flexible solution for your VMware environment. With our capacity reselling service for software-defined data centres, you have on-demand resources to easily scale capacity up and down without overprovisioning or overspending.

Mass migration.

Protect yourself from potential downtime and disruptions if you migrate numerous VMware workloads. Our experienced team handles all complexities and ensures a smooth transition with minimal interruptions, so you can keep regular work ticking as normal.

Managed cloud.

Maintaining and managing a VMware environment is… not fun. Do what you think is fun – your core work – and let our managed-cloud service team handle all day-to-day operations, including monitoring, patching, backups and all the rest.

Cloud-native services.

Enable cutting-edge features like AI, machine learning, and serverless to your existing VMware environment and applications. Our cloud-native services perfectly integrate Google Cloud native services with your existing VMware workloads on Google Cloud.

Cloud Cloud
We went to Nordcloud to ensure that the most important strategic part of our offering was a success. The overall experience of working with Nordcloud was phenomenal.
Adil Osmani
I always say this to partners but they rarely do it. I say: “Tell me I’m wrong, because I want to know how we can improve." Everyone at Nordcloud and SAPBASIS did this.

Not only did their willingness to challenge and ask hard questions help us avoid major pitfalls, but it saved us money, too.
Sebastiaan Röben
IT Architect
Our work with Nordcloud has been a true collaboration. We’ve been able to work very collaboratively, share knowledge and build solutions our platform users are satisfied with.
Head of Infrastructure
@ European Fashion Retailer

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