We help businesses across industries develop solutions and use cloud to hone a competitive advantage. With our support, they’re launching new services, reducing time to market and opening doors to new customers.


Buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy the cloud journey with Nordcloud:

  • Leverage a cloud-native data estate to overcome diverse data platform and management challenges
  • Get real-time and holistic visibility of cloud consumption and performance
  • Supercharge your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving developments
Cloud Services for Automotive


Don’t be grounded in the data centre – fly to the cloud with Nordcloud:

  • Built your Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Use cloud to stay in touch with the sustainability agenda
  • Make your data work for you and your stakeholders
  • Get security right across your cloud infrastructure and applications
Cloud Services for Aviation

Financial Services.

If you’re a financial services business, you’re now a digital business, too. We help you work proactively to exceed customer expectations and drive growth.

  • Manage compliance while alongside growing data and computing needs
  • Deliver more value to customers while mitigating risk
  • Maximise use of cloud in highly-regulated environments
Cloud services for FSI


Transform outdated systems to deliver connected and collaborative cloud solutions for patients and clinicians.

  • Increase operational efficiencies and save costs
  • Power new services for patients and clinicians
  • Adopt tools and processes to protect healthcare systems
Cloud Services for Healthcare

Manufacturing & Industrial.

With a cloud-native approach, you can go beyond endless ‘Strategy 2.0’ projects – and become an innovation engine that boosts efficiency and productivity while offering customers added value.

  • Build smart products & services
  • Embed Sustainability & GreenOps
  • Enhance your cloud business intelligence
Cloud services for Manufacturing & Industrial

Public Sector.

Realise digital growth plans, deliver new citizen experiences at scale, and embed cloud skills at the heart of your culture to efficiently power adoption.

  • Empower your teams to deliver value through cloud upskilling
  • Maximise the cost savings and value potential of public cloud
  • Adopt the best security approaches per agency and classification
Cloud services for Public Sector


We help you migrate and modernise applications to the cloud – while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Use cloud to boost agility, deliver new services and extract value from data
  • Benefit from scalability and flexibility through managed cloud environments, applications and security
  • Use DevOps to reduce the cost and time associated with software delivery
Cloud for Services Businesses

Technology & ISVs.

Transform on-premises solutions to SaaS – and benefit from efficient, affordable digital transformation.

  • Transition to a cloud-native approach, allowing you to capitalise on the scalability and flexibility that cloud offers
  • Build digital services to be easily scalable, leverage automation, ensure security and deliver value from data
  • Ensure you have the right strategy and ways of working to drive long-term success.
Cloud services for Technology & ISVs

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