Migration and modernisation on AWS.

Get to cloud fast – and make the most of it once you’re there.

Get to cloud fast – while maximising the benefits and minimising the costs.

How do you maximise value from migration and modernisation? That’s the question we help you answer. Because it’s not just about being on cloud, it’s about realising your potential to increase agility and reduce costs. 

That’s where partnering with Nordcloud gives you the edge. Because we combine a 100% cloud-native heritage with deep AWS expertise, you make the most of cloud benefits faster than you thought possible.

  • Meet your deadlines with our speedy methodology, leveraging automation 
  • Streamline the process and set yourself up for ongoing value through our collaborations with third-party ISVs
  • Drive down costs thanks to our cloud-native approach and knowledge of AWS programs

Here’s a taste of the popular migration and modernisation services we’re delivering for enterprises across Europe. Contact us to discuss these and other capabilities.

$0 VMware migration to AWS.

VMware costs are increasing this year, but there’s no need to find extra budget. We make it easy to migrate to AWS – for $0. We assess your VMware stack (on-prem or on AWS), evaluate your current/future TCO and create your migration plan. Then, we help you leverage AWS funding, migrate to cloud-native services and optimise to maximise benefits.

Cloud strategy.

Start your AWS journey on the right foot with a strategy that balances quick wins and sustainable value. Once we have the right data, you can get an evidence-based migration business case and strategy within 4 weeks. That way, you can start realising AWS benefits quickly while maintaining control over costs, timescales and cultural change.

Data centre exit – on time, on budget.

We have a proven track record helping enterprises migrate in time for data centre exit deadlines – even when there’s a complicated and opaque IT estate. As one customer said, ‘The result was a wonderful surprise! People didn’t think it could be executed in such a short timeframe, especially given the constraints.’

Managed cloud landing zone.

This is your cloud journey runway – and now you can get it as a service, packaged and ready to go. It’s based on AWS best practices and our experience from hundreds of projects; has foundational security and governance; and includes all monitoring, incident management, updates and change requests.

Modernising applications to the cloud.

A complex legacy application estate is no barrier to modernisation. From replatforming and rearchitecting to Kubernetes and serverless, we help you balance short-term gains and long-term value for the different applications in your estate.

Day 2 modernisation.

Getting to cloud is just the start. Especially if you lifted and shifted workloads, there will be opportunities to optimise so as to save money and increase efficiency. Whether it’s to deal with technical debt, reduce licence costs, enable self-service provisioning or automate service requests – we help you keep cloud benefits coming in.

Modernising businesses into SaaS.

Want to move your business to SaaS? We help ISVs leverage AWS’ unique capabilities to maximise enablement services for building, migrating, modernising, managing and optimising SaaS. And it will be easier than you think. As one ISV said: ‘Nordcloud was very knowledgeable and proactive, and I was very happy with how fast we got everything up and running.’

Kubernetes enablement.

Our unique offering gives you the architectural strength and cloud-native expertise needed to de-risk containerisation and drive ongoing value. Leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), we help you quickly spin up containers, manage resources and scale applications at speed.

Trusted AWS Migration Service Competency Partners.

As certified AWS Migration Service Competency partners, our AWS-certified experts ensure a seamless and secure migration tailored to your needs.

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Cloud Cloud
We are extremely happy. We are 100% cloud. I am genuinely surprised that we completed the migration in 7 months and without any major hiccups.
Tomi Pienimaki
T-Mobile Poland
Nordcloud’s agility exceeded expectations. They truly showed us how we can use public cloud to reduce time-to-market as we develop our digital portfolio.
Sebastian Szaraniec
Leader of Cloud Tribe
Helvetia needed a partner with experience in bulk migrations to achieve a comprehensive approach – from preparation, planning and test-case building through to the migration, onboarding to operations, and hyper-care. Onboarding the workloads to operations during the migration meant a seamless transition.
Markus Marksteiner
Head of Group Technology Solutions
Vitesco Technologies
We were facing strict deadlines and shifting priorities. We needed an agile partner who could keep pace with our unique business and IT needs. We needed knowledge transfer to our internal teams as service adoption scaled. Nordcloud drove the build in the most collaborative way across our cloud and on-premises requirements.
Danilo Schmiedel
Head of Cloud and Data Centre Services
Nordcloud turned the project around faster than we expected. The quality of the work delivered – especially the automations – met with or exceeded our expectations.
Bert-Jan De Gier
Major Dutch Retailer
We wouldn’t have been able to do the migration in such a successful way without the expert knowledge of Nordcloud. The design, infrastructure solution and project management have been excellent.
Enterprise Architecture Infrastructure and Platforms
We chose a flexible partner who understands our business needs. Nordcloud helped Veikkaus during the entire AWS infrastructure project, providing all the technical expertise and help we required.
Timo Paajanen
Vice President – ICT Service Operations and Infrastructure
We would recommend working with Nordcloud to any organisation who needs help with the cloud. The team was easy to engage with, and we were really happy with their depth of knowledge and competence with AWS. They took the time to understand our business objectives and were able to match them with bespoke technical solutions.
Tom Peach-Geraghty
Head of IT Operations
Nordcloud have been a true partner to Lumesse, helping us achieve our goals to migrate multiple applications to AWS Cloud around the globe over the last year. I would highly recommend working with Nordcloud. They have a deep knowledge of AWS Cloud and a professional approach to working with customers.
Nick Goss
Senior Vice President of Service Delivery
Bob was able to start moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud smoothly and easily with plans to have migrated fully within a 1.5-year timeframe, eliminating the need for any local service.
Roger Wessel
Sanoma Games
The combination of the AWS product portfolio and Nordcloud’s talented, customer-focused expert team – developing services directly in the cloud – provides Sanoma Games with the scalability and durability to successfully serve millions of gamers around the world.
Olof Hoverfält
Head of the Sanoma Games business unit

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