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We have a unique specialist community across 10 European countries that cares for each other and likes to have fun together.

Talent Programme

Serverless Amsterdam

Where we’re going, we don’t need servers. Our team at Serverless Amsterdam!

Serverless Amsterdam is a meetup series about serverless architectures, Amazon AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, IBM OpenWhisk, and related technologies. It took place in Amsterdam on the 29th of March.

Women in tech

Thank you for visiting us Nice ICT Jyväskylä! Eija and Tuire from Nordcloud Design Studio Intergalactico were happy to tell about team lead responsibilities and how to become a team lead.

Also differences between Supervisor and Lead Developer/Designer roles was discussed. A lot of good questions from the audience.
Thank you everyone participating, it was a pleasure for us! #womenintech”

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