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Empowering governments to automate and meet citizens’ expectations
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Governments battle to meet higher digital expectations of citizens while lowering their costs of deployment.

It’s a testing time for government IT organisations. The expectations of citizens are increasing, due to the increasingly seamless digital apps we use for transactions and communications we used every day. At the same time, governments are under increasing pressure to drive costs down.

So how do government organisations deliver higher value experiences, at a lower cost per service?

With the right approach to automation, delivered on a foundation of public cloud and an organisation of talent that are empowered to deliver new digital services in a cost-effective way.

From central government IT teams to the NHS, we have a proven track record of helping organisations in the public sector harness public cloud in the right way. We help them realise digital growth plans, deliver new citizen experiences at scale, and embed cloud skills at the heart of their culture to efficiently power adoption.

The Automatic Government

The Automatic Government - How to Empower Organisations.

The key to bridging the divide between citizen expectation and cost for the government is automation. But how do you empower automation across these government agencies?

Learn what skills are needed, why these skills are so important, who needs them, and how to get started here.

How to power an automatic government
Cloud Skills.
Empower your teams to deliver value.

Overcome skill shortages and mismatches, building up your capabilities to scale out cloud adoption. Our upskilling approach covers technical skills as well as agile methodology and DevOps. We can build bespoke training plans to cover technical and non-technical staff, to put cloud adoption at the heart of government IT culture.

Cost Optimisation.
Now is not the time to overspend.

We understand the cost pressures on government organisations. That’s why we’re focused on optimising costs, empowering teams with the skills to apply proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximise the cost savings and value potential of public cloud.

Deliver digital citizen experiences.
Promote positive change and enhance government services.

Healthcare: Serve citizens and communities, improve efficiency, and help ensure privacy and compliance. 

Transportation: Create connected transportation systems that are more accessible, efficient, safe and sustainable. 

Tax & finance: Help make taxpayer experiences easier, mitigate tax fraud, and promote economic sustainability. 

Digital Identity: Provide secure authentication to a range of services via web or mobile applications that require proof of identity.

Security has to be done right.

Security underpins the government’s safe and secure modernisation. It’s crucial, considering the scale and sensitivity of personal data and classified information controlled across agencies. We understand the unique requirements and are able to advise on the best approaches for per agency and classification.

Why Nordcloud.

Cloud-native training

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get training from people who live and breathe cloud and practise what they preach. This makes it easier for staff to apply what they learn – and helps you stay current with fast-moving services and technologies.

New ways of working

Skills in themselves aren’t enough to drive productivity and value. If people go back to a working environment embedded in previous working practices and resistant to new ones, they won’t be able to apply what they learned. We help embed agile ways of working, with a clear path to success.

Multi-cloud expertise

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. You therefore get an impartial perspective and training that scales out based on your multi-cloud reality.

Ready to get started?

Ask your burning questions, learn more about cloud strategy and quiz us on how to achieve the slick processes and robust security you need.

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