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Generative AI
With Public Cloud.

Put the roadmap, governance and infrastructure in place to use generative AI and large language models efficiently and securely.
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Where should you incorporate generative AI into the organisation? And how?

Generative AI is different to traditional AI – in terms of breadth, speed to market and risk management. And that means you need a different approach. We help you escape the gen AI hype cycle and use the capabilities to create demonstrable value. 

One of the major benefits of gen AI is how it speeds up time-to-market. We help you build scalable gen AI solutions using existing foundational models and public cloud technologies. This means you:

  • Go through an established process to shape business requirements into deliverable solutions
  • Identify and prioritise use cases for POCs you can deploy quickly, cheaply and securely
  • Ensure your approach lays the foundation for scaling
  • Replace hallucinations and myths with KPI-mapped, co-developed solutions leveraging public cloud best practices

Whether it’s giving employees secure, controlled access to ChatGPT or deploying more effective customer service chatbots – stop dabbling and start getting serious value.

Let’s get you more value faster.

Latest foundation models

Unlock new use cases by combining the latest gen AI capabilities with public cloud.

Faster time to market

We help you structure initiatives into manageable MVPs that you can deliver quickly and cost-effectively.

Best of the what’s out there

We’re vendor neutral and ensure you get a design that reflects your requirements, tech estate and best practices.

End-to-end expertise

You get cloud natives with experience at every stage of the journey – from strategy and data science to engineering and managed services.


Our data experts have built a couple of demonstrations to show you how gen AI can be used for some common enterprise use cases. They’d be happy to run you through these and answer any questions you have about gen AI and your business.

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We help you tick all the boxes for enterprise gen AI?

Awareness and education
  • Learn about generative AI technologies, their capabilities and potential use cases
  • Understand the underlying concepts, such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), variational autoencoders (VAEs_ and transformers
  • Keep up to date with the latest research and advancements
Evaluation and exploration
  • Identify specific problems or opportunities where generative AI can add value in the organisation
  • Evaluate generative AI tools, platforms and models 
  • Experiment with generative AI technologies through proof-of-concept (POC) projects and pilot programmes
Strategy and planning
  • Outline goals, timelines and resource requirements for generative AI adoption
  • Identify and evaluate the infrastructure (like hardware and software) you need
  • Establish guidelines and processes for ethical considerations like data privacy, fairness and potential misuse
Implementation and integration
  • Train (or recruit) the talent needed to develop and deploy generative AI solutions
  • Build or adapt generative AI models based on the goals and requirements outlined in your strategy
  • Integrate generative AI technologies into your existing workflows, systems and applications
Monitoring and optimisation
  • Monitor the performance of generative AI solutions, ensuring they meet the desired objectives
  • Continuously update and fine-tune the models based on new data or changing requirements
  • Optimise the generative AI solutions to improve efficiency, scalability and effectiveness
Scaling and expansion
  • Identify additional opportunities to leverage generative AI 
  • Scale up successful POCs to broader applications or larger datasets
  • Share best practices and lessons learned to drive further adoption and innovation within the organisation
Stage 7: Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in generative AI
  • Encourage a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organisation
  • Collaborate with industry partners, academic institutions and the broader AI community to drive the development of new generative AI applications and solutions
Nordcloud cloud services

Enterprise Gen AI Strategy & Roadmap.

Unleash the power of gen AI with a strategic game plan

We can help lead an enterprise task force, reporting to the CIO and CEO, to balance threat and opportunity considerations, set the direction for success, and plan and judge your pace of innovation.

We’ll also develop a longer term strategy and roadmap for gen AI adoption, use case selection and putting the frameworks in place to roll out adoption and development across the company.

Nordcloud cloud services

Governance Framework.

Guarantee the security and compliance of your AI approach

Our governance, risk and compliance experts can put the puzzle pieces in place to ensure security, safety and confidentiality – and ensure underlying data are tightly controlled and managed.

We’ll also guide your path towards compliance with local data privacy regulations and industry best practices by implementing policies and procedures to govern handling, storage and access. 

Nordcloud cloud services

Business case development & cost clarity.

Crunch the numbers and maximise the value of your projects

To turn potential into reality, we’ll help identify and concept your use cases/POCs, and calculate the ROI of using available gen AI capabilitieson those projects to set expectations and the foundation for success.

We can provide a view of the overall costs being incurred through the cost of using models – and can identify opportunities to minimise those costs.

Cloud engineering & integration.

Build the technical bridge between your setup and gen AI

Our team will review your existing architecture and engineer and develop the necessary infrastructure to seamlessly integrate gen AI within your cloud setup. This includes data landing zones and connecting with APIs to enable smooth integration with various cloud services.

Why Nordcloud?

High-velocity innovation

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage, so you have cloud natives guiding your entire journey. The result: increased delivery velocity and faster digital transformation – which means accelerated competitive advantage.


Strategic view

We don’t just execute – our cloud experts understand the full end-to-end picture to map a business case that drives real value for your business. We set you up to realise the full organisational benefits of effective, scalable and secure cloud solutions.

Global cloud leadership

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms and a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. You therefore get agnostic advice across Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to deliver the right solutions for your business.

We’d love to give you our AI demo.

Our data experts have built a couple of demonstrations showing how AI can be applied to common enterprise use cases. They’d be happy to run you through these and answer any questions you have about AI and your business.

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Nordcloud's Head of Data Practice, boasting 25 years in business change technology and consulting.
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