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Bring the AWS cloud to a location of choice. As an AWS Outposts Ready consulting partner, Nordcloud can help you extend an AWS region to virtually any location
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Solution Overview.

AWS Outposts brings native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility.

When your workloads need to run in a specific location, you can use AWS Outposts as an extension of an AWS Region; seamlessly integrating with your existing development and deployment workflows. Using the same tools, APIs and functionality as in the AWS cloud, Outposts delivers a truly consistent hybrid experience.

Whether you build manufacturing process control systems that respond in near real-time to factory floor equipment or operate banking, payments processing, and risk management services, as an AWS Outposts Ready Partner, Nordcloud is able to support you in delivering AWS Outposts based solutions. 

What are the key benefits?

Run AWS services locally

Run your AWS services locally, including services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS (Kubernetes), AWS IoT Greengrass.

Seamless Integration

Bring your existing AWS automation and operating model to on-premises. Seamlessly integrate on-premises applications with services running in the AWS region for centralized operations.

Fully Managed

AWS Outposts is fully managed, supported, delivered and installed by AWS. You provide the facility, connectivity and electricity, AWS takes care of the rest.

Data locality

Enable rapid retrieval of information by storing data locally on Outposts. When working in highly-regulated industries Outposts can store your or your customers data in a location or country of choice.

Low-Latency Connectivity

When the connection to the nearest AWS region cannot meet your latency requirements, Outpost allows you to connect your most demanding workloads with single-digit millisecond latencies.

Why Nordcloud?

Proven Track Record

Nordcloud has a proven track record in AWS cloud implementations, underlined by several references in multiple industry verticals and AWS competencies such as the Financial Services Industry competency.

Extensive Industry Experience

Nordcloud has extensive experience in industry verticals that could benefit from AWS Outposts, such as Manufacturing, Financial Services and ISVs.

Partner of choice

Nordcloud is recognised in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Managed Services and the partner of choice thanks to our cloud-native approach, flexible service and multi-cloud expertise – which give you a more proactive and agile service. Our full range of managed services is available for workloads running on AWS Outposts.

Fully Equiped

Nordcloud is one of a select number of AWS Outposts partners fully equipped and ready to deliver solutions leveraging AWS Outposts.

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