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What you get as a Nordcloudian.

There’s the cool, big stuff. Like the fact you get to make a difference, because our cloud-native superpowers mean our work makes an impact in days (or even minutes). And the fact that you can re-imagine the future of cloud with us – trying new things, thinking out of the box and building your skills with our much-loved training.

There are also the more tangible benefits – the day-to-day things that make working that much more fun and rewarding. Here are the benefits all Nordcloudians get. There are additional ones in different countries, from private health insurance and gym memberships to pensions and transportation allowances – so ask us about what applies to where you live.

A diverse, international and professional community.

Global Talent

Over 60 nationalities represented give Nordcloud a global feel with lots of diversity within our inclusive community.

Create Impact

Opportunities to work on meaningful projects with prestigious clients.

Unique skills

Multidisciplinary team work ensure you get to work with other extremely talented Nordcloudians who support you in your role.

Unique Opportunities for Continuous Learning & Growth.

Upskill, re-skill and grow

Nordcloud will support you for professional growth opportunities, whether it be through conferences, onsite or online courses, etc.

Encouraging Curiosity

Time allocation for focusing on your professional growth opportunities! We nurture and support your curiosity during working hours, so you can enjoy your valuable free time.

New Experiences

Project variation and rotation to ensure you get to test and develop your skills.

Grow Together

Community learning, because knowledge and experiences grow as they are shared. Through internal tech talks, Nordcloud academy and thematic meetups, we ensure your curiosity level remains high and your learning requirements are met.

Lead the Future

Nordcloud develops leaders to mentor and coach the next generation of Nordcloudians and Cloud Ninjas.

A well supported and balanced working life.

Fulfilling Your Needs

You can avail of a comfortable working environment in one of our fully kitted out offices, as well as hybrid and remote possibilities combined with flexible hours. For Nordcloudians visiting the offices, we always ensure a plentiful supply of snacks and refreshments to see you through your day.

Tech, Tools and Support

Choose your own top tech, devices, and tools, with a personal IT budget, allowing you to regularly update your working environment. Access can also be granted to multiple software solutions to cater for your day to day working needs especially if remote work is a preference.

Clubs, Hobbies and Holistic benefits

Country-specific benefits which may include lunch, Gym benefits, healthcare, public transport, hobby clubs and many more…

Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs.

I joined during the covid-period. Interviews and signing of contracts were all done remotely. At first it felt strange to not have seen anybody face to face but I was super impressed by the smooth recruitment and onboarding process at Nordcloud. I have felt welcome since day 1.

Christine Löfgren

Lead Transformation Consultant

The journey to become a Nordcloudian starts with a well established, role differentiated process enabling a structured, commutative and effective onboarding for new joiners and for managers. From an employee perspective, I sense that Nordcloud really takes employee onboarding seriously and has given me a great introduction to processes, tools, organisation, strategies and culture. On top of this I have felt great support from new colleagues and executives to succeed in this journey.

Jonas Carlsson

Delivery Lead Norway

The recruitment process with Nordcloud is fast, insightful and efficient. I met my future peers via video and could ask all my questions on potential upcoming challenges. Although I had no doubts about signing the employment contract, the final inner confirmation that I had made the right choice to join Nordcloud came one day after I signed my employment contract: 6 people from my future team who I never met before started sending me welcoming messages over Linkedin which was an unexpected and welcoming gesture which gave me a feeling of already belonging to the team. The warm and friendly atmosphere remained over the first induction weeks and beyond.

Natalia Dorozala

Lead Recruiter

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Community and Culture

We promote flexibility in terms of roles, career development and team autonomy.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process isn’t crazy long or difficult, but we do take the time to make sure we’re a good fit.

(Senior) Cloud Advisor

Location: Munich, Stockholm, Worldwide

Department: Advisory

(Senior) Technical Advisor

Location: Munich, DE; Berlin, DE; Frankfurt, DE; Hamburg, DE; Cologne, DE; Leipzig, DE; Essen, Germany

Department: Advisory

Account Executive

Location: Munich, DE; Berlin, DE; Frankfurt, DE; Hamburg, DE; Cologne, DE; Leipzig, DE; Essen, Germany

Department: Sales

Account Executive

Location: Oslo, Norway

Department: Sales

Architecte Azure Senior (h/f/d, 80-100%)

Location: Geneva, CH; Lausanne, CH; Fribourg, CH; Neuchâtel, CH; Yverdon, CH; Vevey, CH; Martigny, Switzerland

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

AWS Cloud Architect

Location: Stockholm, SE; Göteborg, Sweden

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

AWS Cloud Architect

Location: Amsterdam, NL; Rotterdam, NL; The Hague, NL; Utrecht, NL; Eindhoven, NL; Tilburg, NL; Groningen, Netherlands

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

AWS Cloud Architect (w/m/d)

Location: Munich, DE; Berlin, DE; Frankfurt, DE; Hamburg, DE; Cologne, DE; Leipzig, DE; Essen, Germany

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

Azure Cloud Architect

Location: Copenhagen, DK; Aarhus, DK; Odense, DK; Aalborg, DK; Esbjerg, DK; Randers, DK; Kolding, Denmark

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

Azure Cloud Architect

Location: Helsinki, FI; Jyväskylä, FI; Salo, FI; Oulu, FI; Kuopio, Finland

Department: DevOps/Infrastructure

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