Nordcloud Launchpad.

Launch your cloud career– and become a cloud-native influencer!

We’re gathering the most driven and passionate future cloud experts – and helping them launch cloud-native careers. So get ready to build, reload and boost your tech skills – with a cool community and a full-time job offer.

The Nordcloud Launchpad programme runs in 2 tracks, an 18-month Graduate programme for recent graduates with less than 2 years of experience, and a 4-month Advanced Programme for infrastructure experts with 5+ years of experience in non-cloud technologies.

Day 1 you get:

  • A permanent job with a full salary and benefits 
  • The tech you need for your development
  • A fully supported and tailored cloud training programme, facilitated by top-notch AWS, GCP or Azure professional instructors and mentors
  • To work on cool cloud projects (cloud migrations, app modernisations, data and AI, cloud security and more) with our prestigious customers – during the programme and after graduation
  • Local colleagues, an invested team leader, Launchpad mentors and a tight-knit Launchpad community around you to guide you forward



Currently, we don’t have any Launchpad programme opened.
Stay tuned for future Launchpad programmes.

Your Journey to the Cloud
The programme includes 3 phases, each designed to take you further along your cloud career.



3 months in the Graduate Programme, 6 weeks in the Advanced Programme

To kickstart your cloud career, you go through full-time training: our certified trainers and mentors guide you through everything there is to know about your chosen hyperscaler. Your training includes certification classes, hackathons, pet projects, self-study and customer case studies to get you ready for your AWS, GCP or Azure certification exams.


11 months in the Graduate Programme, 8 weeks in the Advanced Programme

Time to join a customer project! Put your new skills to good use as you join customer engagements alongside senior cloud experts – learning more, participating and taking a bigger role as your skills and professional confidence increase. Your mentor will help you tailor your career plan to your skills and interests to figure out what your role will look like after the programme.


4 months in the Graduate Programme, not included in the Advanced Programme

In the final phase, you will already be showcasing your true potential and skills in client projects – and have a solid career plan in place. Your mentor will equip you with the remaining knowledge and tools you need for your independent development before your graduation. Training, certifications and career development will of course be available also later as you step into your full-time role at Nordcloud!!

Nordcloud recruitment process

What Training is Like.

The training during the ‘Onboard’ phase has been specially designed to scale up your skills into a customer-facing cloud consultant rapidly. The training includes:

  • Interactive classes, pet projects and self-study opportunities that keep you engaged 
  • Official courses and certification preparation for your chosen cloud provider (AWS, GCP or Azure) with our own Authorised Trainers
  • Customer case studies to prepare you for your role as a trusted cloud consultant
  • A mentor to guide you through your learning  and helping you take advantage of opportunities

Life after Launchpad.

After you graduate, you’re a full Nordcloud ninja! You gain recognition as an expert in your hyperscaler, an influencer of cutting-edge cloud technology and an overall cloud-native specialist. The roles vary but these include Cloud Engineers, Managed Cloud Engineers, Application Developers, Cloud Architects and many more.

And the learning continues! Not only do you get a choice of interesting customer projects, but you get ongoing opportunities to upskill and advance through professional development discussions with your people leader. And you benefit from knowledge sharing in our internal and external communities – as you contribute your expertise and soak up insight and experience from your colleagues and peers.

Community and Culture.

As a company of cloud-native thinkers and doers, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of expertise, experience and design. We solve problems in agile ways, learn together as a community, and thrive through continuous improvement.

We promote flexibility in terms of roles, career development and team autonomy.

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