Delivering a cutting-edge Azure cloud and data foundation for next-gen machine learning.

    • Cost-efficient, lean landing zone
  • Empowered machine learning model
  • Extended post-implementation support

Project Summary.

Services provided:
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Client industry:
Client location:

The client.

Transcality is a pioneering Swiss startup. The company specialises in creating digital replicas of cities and harnessing real-time traffic prediction through their advanced machine learning algorithms.

Project background.

The mission was clear: engineer an agile Azure landing zone and robust data foundation capable of processing vast amounts of data with high automation levels, poised for seamless scalability in tandem with the company’s growth.

Nordcloud helped Transcality build a streamlined Azure cloud and data foundation tailored precisely to the demands of data-intensive machine learning models, poised to seamlessly scale alongside this innovative startup.

The solution.

Leveraging Terraform-based Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Nordcloud established a resilient framework, perfectly attuned to the demands of data-intensive machine learning models.

Our approach.

Architectural Design

  • Requirements workshop

A comprehensive, on-site session dedicated to comprehending the client’s current and future requisites.

  • Digital wireframing

We digitally sketched the blueprint of the business model and the digital twin concept.

  • Cloud-native approach

Devised a cloud-native infrastructure architecture, empowering their machine learning model.

Adopting automation


  • Infrastructure deployment

Employed Terraform for seamless automation, adhering to Microsoft’s cloud adoption best practices.

  • Automation excellence

Employed a modular code base and harnessed GitHub actions for end-to-end deployments, in strict accordance with DevOps best practices.


  • Mentorship

Extended post-implementation support and coaching through our specialised mentorship program tailored for startups.

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Microsoft Azure


The solution comprises a scalable landing zone, precisely catering to requisites such as cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and scalability, aligning seamlessly with the company’s future growth trajectory.


A lean, cost-efficient landing zone with no oversizing or overprovisioning in data-intensive processing demands.


Now better poised to scale the platform according to client base growth and expand functionality, such as GenAI.


IaC enables seamless scalability to power increased data volumes and future growth.

The business impact.

Transcality is now primed to concentrate on delivering enhanced value to its clientele. With a robust IT solution supporting the digital nature (digital twin) of their business, they’re better poised to innovate and introduce new models for their customers.

Florian Gaede

“It was great working with the Transcality team, to get a glimpse into their innovative solution for real time traffic prediction. Also as a startup, they’re really flexible and focused on the task at hand – which resulted overall in a highly productive and successful project.

The success here is really due to flexibility from both sides, and the frequent alignments to focus on the right course of action and Transcality’s extremely established vision. We were always able to adjust to their needs accordingly and very quickly, and built a sound solution for them to take their first steps into Azure cloud.”

Florian Gaede

Nordcloud ISV Lead, Switzerland

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