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Upskilling: A Toolkit to Enable Cloud Success

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90% of European organisations are affected by IT skills gaps, equating to $91 billion of lost revenue annually

Even with the best intentions, tech leaders are struggling to fill those skills gaps, particularly when it comes to cloud implementation, migration and net new deployments. As a result, the business is held back – from capitalising on the cloud’s potential to deliver value internally (boosting efficiency and agility) and externally (delivering products and services that boost revenue).

This playbook helps you overcome these cloud upskilling hurdles.

It’s full of practical advice, case studies, templates and checklists. With these tips and tools, you have a clear roadmap for securing the skills your business needs to innovate quickly – and drive business value from the cloud.

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Build cloud foundation

A 4-step framework for overcoming cloud skills gaps

  • Linking upskilling to your business and technical strategies
  • Assessing your current skills and identify gaps

How to enable people and embed cloud skills

  • Identifying what training teams need
  • Giving traditional IT staff new, cloud-enabled ways of valuing themselves

Insider views of CxO successes

  • C-suite perspectives on overcoming digital skills mismatch
  • Their advice for peers when approaching upskilling challenges

“I wish I’d had hindsight advice like this back when I started managing cloud journeys. Whatever your stage of cloud adoption, there are nuggets you can implement in the coming days, weeks and months.”
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Vice President
tech company
Customers are delighted with how efficient the teams are now.
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Global IoT lead
I was able to make the business case in their language, so they saw the benefit and we got them on board.
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financial services
In my experience, people aren’t as equipped for cloud as you think they are. A common pitfall is to overestimate readiness and capabilities, even among experienced techies. When you start with the basics like this, it gives everyone a common language.
Nordcloud ninja
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