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Guiding a company with a 100-year legacy through total cloud transformation… and beyond

  • Partnership delivered the breadth of knowledge required to migrate and modernise
  • Seamless migration and modernisation with minimal disruption – delivered on time and on budget
  • Powerful partnership guiding the customer through rapid digital transformation and ongoing development of cloud capabilities

Project Summary.

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Growing demand.

Due to the growing demand for this type of enhanced, innovative digital services, Bravida was looking for a partner to help them move to the public cloud and Microsoft Azure.

This would help Bravida:

Develop more innovative services for their customers

Streamline operational processes

Optimise and enhance processes and services on the edge, leveraging IoT

Create an improved virtual working environment for their employees

Remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market

Improve security

Take strides towards their sustainability goals

The challenges.

Bravida was totally new to the cloud, and had 100% of their IT estate on-site at the start of the project. Though operationally efficient, the existing on-premises data centres were limited in terms of new functionality and pace of innovation, compared to public cloud. 

In an industry where digitisation is becoming an essential, Bravida needed to move quickly to modernise and stay ahead of the market.

Bravida’s requirements made up a huge scope of work comprising these needs and more. Bravida needed an engaged and supportive partner with the depth of knowledge required to guide them through a rapid data centre exit, and radical business transformation.

Introduction of a remote workspace

Moving users to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) would allow staff to access applications easily and efficiently, both in the field and on-site.

Critical systems migration

Bravida’s ERP was a complex, business-critical system that needed to be moved early in the project – a large potential risk factor.


Guidance with financing

As a cost-sensitive business, securing funding for this sizeable transformation was also key – Bravida needed a partner who could guide them through this process.

Minimal service disruption

With more than 10,000 employees, many working in the field, it was vital that transformation took place with minimal disruption and downtime.

Assessment and evaluation.

The challenge:

The discovery phase needed to set a clear roadmap for an ambitious transformation.

Financing was a key consideration due to the cost pressures implicit in a business of Bravida’s type. Initial assessments needed to be thorough to provide an accurate estimation of funding required – there was no margin for error.

The solution:

Nordcloud worked closely with the Bravida team to review their existing systems and develop a clear, realistic timeline and project plan.

Costing was a key issue. Nordcloud had helped Bravida secure funding from Microsoft for migration and modernisation. Nordcloud’s initial assessment needed to be thorough enough to provide an accurate estimation of the funding required.

The estimations turned out to be correct, with final project costs coming in on budget.

The transformation journey.

Bravida required a full data centre exit, moving all systems from on-premises to Microsoft Azure. This needed to be achieved in a short time frame to accommodate existing licence agreements. It was vital that there was minimal disruption and downtime –  Bravida needed to provide continuity of service for their staff and customers.

  • A three-way collaboration

    Bravida, Nordcloud and the Microsoft fast track team worked closely together throughout. This tight three-way collaboration increased speed, efficiency and agility, meaning key transformation milestones were reached on time and on budget.

  • Putting a landing zone in place

    Initial stages involved putting a landing zone in place before work started, laying the groundwork for a smooth transition.

  • Moving ERP during a critical time window

    Next, Bravida’s ERP system needed to be moved from an old version of Oracle to an SQL system in Azure during a critical time window (during Bravida’s scheduled ERP downtime in July).

  • Migrating with no disruption to business operations

    The ERP encompassed a huge database and integrated with many of Bravida’s existing systems – meaning this first phase needed to be locked down for the rest of the migration to go ahead. Nordcloud’s extensive experience in managing complex system migrations meant this phase of the project was tackled head on and executed smoothly, within the allotted time and with no disruption to business operations.

  • High quality operations commenced from day two

    Following the successful ERP migration, the rest of the transformation was done in waves, with five or six applications moved at a time. This was done in close collaboration with Nordcloud’s managed services team to ensure high quality operations commenced from day two.

The work was completed on schedule – a full data centre exit in just seven months.

From a technician’s perspective, we have a much more modern platform that is so much more agile, flexible and scalable. There are new releases happening all the time, which enables us to do things that we couldn’t do six or even three months ago.

This gives Bravida new possibilities that we wouldn’t have had if we had been stuck on-prem. Now we can do whatever we want and what the business requires.

Johan Lundvall

Head of IT Platform, Bravida

Managed cloud services.

Keeping the cloud available, optimised and secure – and ensuring maximum return on investment.

Once in the cloud, Nordcloud provided managed services to Bravida to keep the cloud available, optimised and secure – and ensure maximum return on investment.

Everything has been running really smoothly and we have a stable environment. Our expectations were high and Nordcloud delivered on that expectation. It’s been a really great experience.
Johan Lundvall
Head of IT Platform, Bravida

In order to improve the stability, security and efficiency of Bravida’s cloud environment, Nordcloud leveraged the many capabilities of cloud native security toolings provided through Microsoft Azure, deploying them in-line with our fully managed cloud security services run by our team of cloud security experts.

By combining the latest security technologies and our managed security team, we’ve been able to provide a variety of continuous security services that range from the implementation of preventive and defensive measures, to robust modes of rapid response to potential security incidents.

Our continuous semi-automated monitoring of Bravida’s cloud environment has considerably improved its overall security posture, making it more resilient to present or future threats – whether they be internal or external.

This has enabled Bravida to take advantage of the reliability, cost-efficiency, and seamlessness of the public cloud. Their environment has now been running smoothly with minimal disruption (and minimal worry).

Transition to a remote workspace.

The challenge

The development of a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure for hosting existing on-premises business applications. This would replace Bravida’s existing on-premises Citrix VDI platform, and the move to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) would provide a more efficient, effective way for employees to access the applications they need to do their jobs, both on-site and in the field.

The move to AVD was a big change for Bravida, and the coordination with thousands of desktop users would be challenging to complete successfully within the migration timeframe.

The solution

Nordcloud provided their off-the-shelf AVD foundation with a bespoke extension that would accommodate the customer’s specific migration needs and ensure the project was completed on schedule.

Nordcloud secured hyperscaler funding, ensuring the move from Citrix to AVD would be cost efficient and performed according to Microsoft best practices.


Bravida’s cloud transformation hasn’t only modernised their IT infrastructure – it’s positioned them for continued growth, innovation, and digital success.

Fast Data Centre Exit

In just seven months, Bravida successfully completed a full data centre exit, moving all systems from on-premises to Microsoft Azure – enhancing operational efficiency and preparing Bravida for future growth opportunities.

Agile and Modern Platform

Bravida now operates on a much more modern platform in Microsoft Azure that’s agile, flexible, and scalable. With constant new releases, they can adapt quickly to changing business needs and leverage possibilities that were previously inaccessible.

Stable Cloud Environment

Managed cloud services ensure the stability, security, and efficiency of Bravida’s cloud environment.


Smooth Transition to Remote Workspace

The transition AVD provided Bravida employees with a more efficient and effective way to access the applications they need, both on-site and in the field.

An ongoing partnership.

Nordcloud continues to work closely with Bravida to develop and optimise Bravida’s Cloud estate to be best fitted for business requirements.

Furthermore Nordcloud is supporting Bravida IT to modernise and innovate their services to meet the future demand from their clients.

With the help of Nordcloud, Bravida has successfully transformed to Cloud and is positioned to embark on the future with a cost efficient, scalable and secure infrastructure in Azure.

Emil Dahlin

CIO, Bravida

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