Aidon smart metering modernisation.

Design and implementation of new user interface on top of existing backend systems in order to improve the effectiveness of system operation and to support Aidon’s expansion into new markets

The Challenge.

Aidon is one of the leading smart metering solution providers in the Nordics.

In order to improve the effectiveness of system operation and to support Aidon’s expansion into new markets, the user interface of their Gateware head-end system was facing need of modernisation. Besides being based on modern technologies, main business requirements for the new user interface were to be faster, easier to use, maintain and enable multi-tenant use cases as well as support new business requirements.

The Solution.

To improve on the existing user interface, Nordcloud team designed and implemented a new user interface on top of Aidon’s existing backend systems. Nordcloud worked in collaboration with Aidon as part of Aidon’s development ecosystem.

The Nordcloud design studio, Intergalactico, created user interface design and component library for the web user interface. The assets are re-used across Aidon’s other product offering. Backend REST APIs were created to connect the user interface with Aidon’s existing system components.

One of the biggest challenges in the project was the large amount of data and mass operations for millions of devices. A modern NOSQL data storage was utilized as a search backend to provide quick and accurate query results from millions of meters instantly.

The new Gateware web user interface was built as a modern single page application with React. It includes all of the features from the old Windows Forms user interface, but also a number of new functionalities and usage patterns.

The first versions of the application were tested by Aidon’s own testing team in cooperation with selected end customers’ users. The users’ wishes and feature suggestions provided valuable feedback for implementing and refining the final product. The development of Gateware user interface is now integrated to Aidon’s continuous development process to fulfill the new needs of Aidon’s customers.

The Results.

The final product is a sleek, cutting-edge user interface that is easy to use, with an improved performance compared to the previous solution especially with searches, mass operations and scaling the solution to serve the increasing number of customers and devices. The new user interface serves as an attractive unique selling point when introducing Aidon’s solutions to future customers.

The new user interface is a lot easier to maintain and its further development is effortless. New deployment process is fast and agile so new releases can be done frequently. This enables Aidon to react to their customers’ demands and wishes better and faster.

The use of this project’s design methods and the produced style guides in other projects at Aidon has significantly improved speed, quality, coherence and simplicity of the different user interfaces.

About the Company.

Aidon is the leading innovator in the Nordics in the development, sales and delivery of smart energy metering solutions and smart grid applications with related services. The company’s technology is in use in more than 3 million energy metering points in Finland, Sweden and Norway and it has more than 120 Nordic energy distribution system operators as its customers.

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