Migrating 2 key business applications in 8 weeks, while ensuring funding in spite of pandemic-related delays

Azure data centre


100% remote migration


BDO is a global public accounting, tax and advisory organisation with member firms in 167 countries. BDO’s global revenues amounted to US$ 11.8 billion in 2021.


BDO had a wider initiative to shut down their data centre and be fully in cloud. There were 2 key business applications remaining in the data centre, and they chose Nordcloud to be their partner for this migration project.

Covid-19 meant all the work needed to be done remotely. It also introduced some preparation-related delays on the customer’s side, which had the potential to affect their Microsoft funding.


The customer had previously decided to do a straight lift and shift, rehosting the applications and related SQL databases on Azure. They had already done the preparatory work by the time they engaged us.

We coordinated with Microsoft on BDO’s behalf to extend the milestone timings for funding, so BDO could retain their funding in spite of Covid-related delays on their end.

The Nordcloud Migration Factory worked across 4 countries to execute the migration 100% remotely.

Business impact.

Efficient contribution to BDO’s cloud strategy, enabling them to shut down their data centre in line with their business case.

BDO case study

"Nordcloud worked closely with our in-house engineers to migrate our application infrastructure to the cloud. Our challenges included the size of the environment, many VMs and some very large databases. This would normally mean a week of downtime but, because of Nordcloud’s expertise, we were able to move these servers across in a controlled and timely manner, meaning only one weekend of downtime."

Russ Phillips
Head of Technology & Security, BDO Global IT

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