Leveraging proper cost allocation to track and optimise RheinEnergie’s cloud spend.

  • FinOps platform achieved ROI multiple times over
  • Tool tracks multi-cloud and on-premises costs
  • Costs automatically pulled into 1 view

Project Summary.

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Project Background.

RheinEnergie began using its multi-cloud environment early and brought in Nordcloud to help enable its cloud cost management.

Consolidated cloud cost transparency was RheinEnergie’s main objective. To achieve this, Nordcloud’s FinOps tool needed to show costs from three cloud hyperscalers, as well as its on-premise infrastructure, in one view.


RheinEnergie’s 5 FinOps priorities.

Unlocking cost transparency across 3 cloud hyperscaler platforms and RheinEnergie’s on-premise infrastructure.

  • Enable cloud cost visibility

    RheinEnergie wanted a FinOps solution that could make cloud costs more transparent, by allocating costs to business services and applications.

  • Integrating on-premise spend

    RheinEnergie’s on-premise data centre was a key pillar in its infrastructure model. So, it was important for RheinEnergie and Nordcloud’s FinOps solution to track both cloud and on-premise costs simultaneously.

  • Tracking costs without tedious manual work

    RheinEnergie wanted an alternative to the time-consuming and difficult task of manually pulling spend data from its three cloud hyperscaler platforms and on-premise infrastructure.

  • Managed
    Collaborating with a strategic FinOps partner

    Empowering its IT departments to operate in a cost transparent and optimised way was a priority for RheinEnergie.

    Therefore, as well as a FinOps tool, RheinEnergie were looking to collaborate on the project with a strategic FinOps partner.

  • Optimising and reducing cloud spend

    By achieving greater cost transparency, RheinEnergie wanted to leverage FinOps insights to optimise, and ultimately reduce, its cloud spend.


Nordcloud’s Solutions Engineers enabled a FinOps solution that helps RheinEnergie act on its FinOps priorities.

Using Nordcloud’s FinOps tool, RheinEnergie can:

Achieve cost allocation.

  • RheinEnergie can allocate costs to business contexts, which are customisable, for example to business services and products.
  • The tool enables showback and chargeback that let RheinEnergie see where their cloud costs are being incurred, which services are driving the expenses and how resources are being utilised.

View cloud and on-premise spend in one dashboard.

  • The extensibility of the FinOps tool allows for customisations based on a customer’s unique need.
  • In this case, it enabled on-premise costs to be tracked alongside cloud costs, providing proper cost transparency for a hybrid set up.

Track costs without tedious manual work.

  • RheinEnergie now sees an accurate, consolidated and granular view of expenses across multiple cloud environments, as well as its on-premise infrastructure.
  • Once the cloud accounts are onboarded to the FinOps tool and the allocation rules configured, data related to cloud costs is automatically pulled into dashboards for real-time visibility, so no manual collation or inputting is necessary.

Optimise cloud spend.

  • Savings suggestions from the tool, such as leveraging reserved instances, rightsizing instances and optimising storage usage, help RheinEnergie make data-driven decisions.

Take the next step in their cloud journey.

  • Insights from the FinOps tool can be shared throughout several teams in RheinEnergie, leading to stronger cloud capabilities and wider access to cloud benefits across the business.

We have already forwarded savings suggestions to the relevant operating or application teams to act on, and in that way the tool helps us progress together, working across teams to leverage savings.

Jan Simons

FinOps Engineer, RheinEnergie


Proper cost transparency that enables RheinEnergie to allocate, optimise and reduce its cloud costs.

  • FinOps platform paid for itself many times over – within 2 months
  • 3 cloud platforms + on-premise expenses in 1 comparable view
  • 75 applications already onboarded

Nordcloud’s FinOps solution consolidates costs from 4 customisable sources in one view. Costs are allocated to business services, so that RheinEnergie can accurately track and manage its spend.

Having already achieved ROI, the solution continues to deliver savings – helping RheinEnergie take the next step in its cloud journey.

Cost transparency unlocks the ability for our teams to make truly informed choices about how and what we use and buy on cloud and on-premise. Nordcloud’s FinOps tool has therefore helped us achieve an economic infrastructure transformation.

Jan Simons

FinOps Engineer, RheinEnergie

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