Creating a robust and secure foundation for Eloomi’s European focussed SaaS product.

The Challenge.

eloomi are a SaaS company based in Denmark building new generation HR Software with a focus on personal training and development (eloomi.com).

The company wanted to outsource their cloud infrastructure so they could focus on developing their bread and butter, a SaaS product. A cloud partner was sought out to provide high availability and good performance with a focus on a European customer base. What’s more, the company wanted an Azure provider who could maintain and develop their Microsoft Cloud environment, as well as provide 24/7 support which an increasing amount of their customers had asked for.


The Solution.

The eloomi app is a multi-tenant web-app consisting of many smaller parts working together, allowing the company to serve multiple users at the same time. Taking this into account, Nordcloud kicked off an advanced assessment of the existing application infrastructure in the form of an Azure Architecture review to ensure that the platform which had been deployed met Azure best practices. Following the review, and together with eloomi’s internal cloud engineers, Nordcloud corrected and implemented all the findings from the assessment, leaving eloomi with the most secure, high-performing and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications.

Nordcloud also suggested that eloomi started to plan a longer term capacity purchase model (within the West Europe region as this has a wider reach and better selection of Azure services), as cost optimisation was of high priority.

The Results.

The number one priority for Nordcloud was to provide high availability and good performance to eloomi. With this is mind, the overall process took less than one month from assessment to the go-live date and over a matter of  months, incidents were reduced to zero on the environment, creating a robust and stable system with an uptime of 99%. Additionally, moving to PaaS components relieved the business from a large amount of OS related management responsibility and could in time eventually lead to reductions in capacity and operations costs.

Nordcloud’s managed cloud team were also able to implement 24/7 comprehensive monitoring of eloomi’s applications and put into effect a model which deployed regular, automated vulnerability scanning.

About the Company.

eloomi® is one of the world’s most effective software tools to completely simplify skill training and continuous performance improvement in an organization. eloomi engages workforce generations across industries, on any device, to support ideal delivery of learning and KPI goals. The tool helps you train employee skills, anchor new behavior and get performance on track.

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