Harmonizing Azure architecture and onboarding services, including SAP Platform, to Managed Cloud.








Harmonizing Azure architecture and onboarding services, including SAP Platform, to Managed Cloud.

The Challenge

European wide container shipping logistics company Containership had been an early adopter of hyperscale public cloud services moving many business critical workloads to run on Azure. These included such enterprise behemoths as their SAP environment.

As things started to settle to their places, it was time to streamline the cloud and ensure that the overall cloud architecture was the right one, the operations of this new environment took full advantage of the cloud and that the right level of governance was in place when the technology enabled unprecedented agility.


The Solution

Nordcloud was selected as the trusted partner to help Containerships and the co-operation was organized around Nordcloud’s Cloud Journey framework including

  • Reviewing the current Cloud Architecture
  • Providing a full Security Audit for the environment
  • Harmonizing the Azure Architecture and management tools
  • And finally onboarding services to Managed Cloud, including the critical SAP Platform.

Nordcloud’s methodology and proven experience from enterprises across Europe were among the most important criteria for the selection.

During the implementation special attention was directed at synchronizing the Managed Cloud processes with a selected SAP Basis partner to reflect the criticality of SAP for the business continuity of Containerships.


The Results

After successfully completing all of the phases outlined, Nordcloud and Containerships have been smoothly running the environment. The harmonized architecture has made the operations efficient and secure.

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