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Welcome to the May edition of Cloud Core. This month’s spotlight is on cloud costs.

Are your cloud bills going up?

There’s a lot of noise out there right now about cloud being too expensive. 

You might’ve seen the example of Basecamp quitting cloud, blaming growing bills, savings promises that never happened, and complexities that weren’t reduced.

And there’s plenty in the news questioning whether or not cloud will save you money, while analysts forecast public cloud prices will rise 30% in Europe this year.

So, in the current climate with businesses facing rising costs, are we facing a U-Turn on public cloud?

Not quite.

We recently grilled our head cloud advisory honcho Mark about this. You can read the full Q&A here.

In short, Mark said how cloud isn’t necessarily cheaper, but if it’s done in the right way, it provides more value. 

And he addressed the whole “we’re not getting what was promised by the hyperscalers” thing, which seems to be a common gripe.

So, if you are a little worried about cloud costs, Mark might have the answers here.

2 really useful resources to help with your cloud spend.

Are you crystal clear with your cloud spend forecast?

Budgeting and forecasting is pretty important when it comes to keeping spend on track. See how to get it right, who’s involved and how you can get started, with this – use this handy guide.

And are you allocating your costs correctly?

Many businesses struggle to get a clear view of who’s spending what. We’ve come up with a systematic way to get on top of this – use this handy guide.

Video: Get more from Finops

Ever wondered if there’s more to FinOps than what you’re currently doing?

Spoiler alert: There probably is.

Watch this video where our FinOps expert Gabriele breaks down his strategic ways of getting more from FinOps with new approaches, tooling and management.

Cloud quote of the month

“We see companies that get an invoice from their cloud provider, but have no idea what it’s actually for.”  

Sound familiar? It’s probably worth giving this a read.

What we’ve been talking about this month

Some dates for your diary:

  • 21 June - Webinar: Why are FSI companies holding back?
    45-minute webinar with financial, security and GRC brains to help you achieve business continuity and meet regulatory demands.
  • 9 June - Stockholm: Running in Cloud event
    Hit the ground running with a financially and operationally savvy route to the cloud at our breakfast event.

Something to listen to in the home office

With all this talk about money… this playlist is the perfect soundtrack.

Thanks for reading, 

I’ll be back with more fresh thoughts next month.

Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Having written for the likes of Time Out, Pret a Manger and Birkenstock, Darren's passionate about connecting people with brands through engaging content.
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