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At Reuters’ Automotive Europe 2023 event, there were a couple of big strategic innovation areas under discussion – both of which need IT alignment to execute. I don’t think you’ll be surprised that they were on carbon-neutral vehicles and ADAS/autonomous driving.

Therefore, I wanted to look at each of those areas in this issue of Cloud Core Automotive…so keep scrolling! 

🌱Carbon-neutral vehicle design

Fundamentally, the challenges associated with designing and manufacturing carbon-neutral vehicles come down to data. Because you must be able to:

  • Leverage vast amounts of data related to carbon footprint, resource consumption, quality, maintenance requirements, supply chain and more
  • Do it correctly and at speed

👉 This infographic is a neat little summary of how data can accelerate carbon-neutral innovation.

🚗 ADAS and autonomous driving

ADAS/autonomous driving roadmaps involving being able to train billions of data sets in a reusable format.

Which means that, to progress to Level 4, the #1 requirement is having a data foundation that can handle the high-volume, high-velocity data. This involves:

  • Data landing zones
  • Standardised infrastructure as code
  • Training systems and data flows that enable you to scale up 

I’ve been pointing people to this whitepaper on data platforms as a good starting place 👇

📚 Jumpstart your data platform with this whitepaper

😎 Funny compliments

Sometimes, something unexpected turns out to be the biggest compliment you could receive. 

“You accompany us on our cloud journey in an agile and unbureaucratic way.” ➡️ When people are used to complex communication and stakeholder management (like at this automotive company), “unbureaucratic” is a huge change for the better. 

“Working with Nordcloud is the best anti-climax I’ve ever had.” ➡️ Based on past experiences, a manufacturer was braced for all sorts of drama with their cloud project, but it turned out to be surprisingly seamless.

🧐 What we’ve been reading and talking about

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Thanks for reading (bonus points for clicking). The next newsletter will have more info on data enablement.

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